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Supportive pillow that evenly distributes the pressure on your baby's head. This helps in the development of a perfectly round head.

Supportive pillow that evenly distributes the pressure on your baby’s head. This helps in the development of a perfectly round head.

Super Supportive
Machine Washable
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or ₹167/month (No Cost EMI available for 3 & 6 months)
This product is not eligible for returns
  • 1 year warranty
    1 year warranty
  • Free Shipping
    Free shipping
  • Not Eligible for Return
    Not Eligible for Return
Country of origin: India

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Baby Head Pillow

good for
0 – 6 months
pillow dimensions
1.27cm - 2.54cm (0.5 - 1 inch)
pillow dimensions
23cm x 20cm (9x8 inches)
pillow fill
Virgin Microfibre
100% Cotton
Machine washable pillow
packaging & usage
Unbox & Use

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For round-heads and happy babies

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Buy the Perfect Baby Head Pillow for your Little One

While babies can literally sleep anywhere, a baby head pillow can be a real help in several situations. If your baby has flat spots on the back of her head from spending too much time in the same position (Flat head syndrome), or if they vomit or spit a little too often, an elevated baby head pillow might come in handy. With our range of baby care pillows, give your child a peaceful and comfy sleep while promoting a healthy bedding environment.

Here is why you need to get your hands on SleepyCat’s Baby Head Pillows 

  • Breathable Fabric

These baby head pillows are made with 100% cotton virgin microfiber fill, which is airy, hypoallergenic, and breathable for the baby’s sensitive skin. It allows the baby’s scalp to breathe without getting hot and sweaty.

  • Premium Quality

SleepyCat’s head-shaping pillow for babies does not compromise on quality. It is made with high-quality material and provides a plush look to the pillow.

  • Super Supportive

The pillow efficiently provides the right support for the baby’s head. Babies who have chest congestion or regular reflux can benefit from this newborn pillow by staying slightly elevated. 

  • Super Soft

The cotton is super soft against the baby’s skin and does not irritate even in babies with sensitive skin.

  • Easy to Wash

Baby pillows can quickly get dirty. If your baby spits too much or throws up all over the pillow, you can easily toss it in the washing machine.

  • Free of Harmful Chemical

This infant pillow is made of material free from harmful azo dyes keeping the health and safety of your baby in mind.

Benefits of Buying Baby Head Pillow Online in India at SleepyCat

When you buy any product from SleepyCat, you can be assured that you will have a hassle-free shopping experience. The products you buy are high quality and easily returnable, and you get a top-notch customer experience.

Here is why you need to buy a baby head pillow online from SleepyCat

  • Superior Quality Products

SleepyCat provides premium quality products. We understand the importance of restful sleep and, therefore, work day in and day out to put out a range of sleeping essentials. We have something for everyone here at SleepyCat.

  • Transparency Assured

All the product details are mentioned clearly with every item so you can make an informed choice. Also, the prices mentioned include all taxes, so there won’t be an added charge on checkout. 

  • Free Shipping

All our products have a free shipping policy. So you do not need to pay an extra shipping charge.

  • Live Tracking

You can also track your order easily on our website. We will also update you with every detail as we ship your order. Also, we try our best to help your product reach you within 7-10 days.

  • No Cost EMI

You can opt for our no-cost EMI policy and conveniently pay for your item.

  • Top-tier Customer Care

At any point, if you need to get in touch with us, we have a transparent and friendly customer care service happy to help you with all your queries in the most professional manner. 

Your baby has different sleeping needs when compared to adults. Therefore, we have all the essentials you need for your baby in one place. Choose from a range of baby packs, comforters, fitted crib sheets, bolsters pillows, and lots more!

At SleepyCat, we wish the baby, as well as the parents, to get the sleep of their dreams. Therefore, we have a wide range of products for babies as well as adults. Feel free to explore our website and buy everything you need to look forward to rest through the night.