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7 Reasons Why A Mattress Will Be The Best Rakhi Gift Ever

Do you want to reclaim the title of “best bro ever”? Then it’s time!

Raksha Bandhan is the time to show some TLC to your sibling. And what better way than gifting her something that she will cherish for a really long time and will remind her of the special bond you share.

But strike-off those run-of-the-mill gifts like a chocolate box, dress or flowers this Raksha Bandhan. That would be no good as the gift demands will pop up in their head the very next day.

Don’t fret! We have a solution.

Take a look at why a mattress will bring you closer to your relationship goals with your sister-

  1. Everyone needs to sleep
    We spend one-third of our time sleeping or attempting to, making a mattress a much-needed gift for anyone. Even the most terrible insomniacs have to attempt to sleep. So you will be seen as helpful and caring.
  1. One gift-fits-all
    Sisters come in all types and sizes- fitness freak sister, teenage brat sister, bossy older sister, sister that spell mom, little kid sister, glamourous-sister-with-an-impeccable style, savior sibling, sunshine smile sister, annoying-tagalong-sister and numerous more. No matter what your sister type is, everyone loves a good night sleep. SleepyCat mattresses are also available in a wide range of sizes to perfectly fit any bed frame size.
  1. Easy on the pocket
    If you are thinking a good quality mattress will put a dent in your pocket, think again! SleepyCat offers a premium quality mattress at an incredible value and helps you save up to 75% in comparison to traditional retail mattresses.
  1. It will make her cooler (if that’s possible)
    Memory foam layer of the mattress not only contours to the body and relieves pressure, but the tiny crystals help absorb body heat, making her cooler! The breezy inner cover also adds by providing unique airflow throughout the mattress.
  1. Lasts long enough to keep you in her good books always
    Now, who doesn’t love a gift that is built to last? The SleepyCat mattress is durable and sturdy.  It is backed with an honest and easy 5-year warranty.
  1. You get to show your support
    The high-density, firm and orthopedic foam provides targeted ergonomic support to the spine. It has pressure-relieving qualities that provide comfort to relieve pressure and support where you need it. So you support her dreams and health goals!
  1. You can reclaim the sofa in front of the TV
    Sounds like a dream? It is possible that she will like to watch her favorite series, eat, stretch and laze around on her mattress more than the disputed sofa.

It’s a win-win.

Forget trips to the shopping mall and waiting in lines and be the best brother you can be!

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