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Latex Mattress
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Mattress Protector
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Baby Mattress
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Memory Foam Pillow 2.0
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Metal Bed Frame
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SleepyCat Cloud Pillow
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SleepyCat Cuddle Pillow
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Fitted Bedsheet Set
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Reversible Comforter
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Switch Mattress
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The biggest joy in life is giving!

The story of SleepyCat goes much beyond re-engineering the mattress and the way people shop for it. We learned that mattresses are one of the top most requested items at homeless shelters, and decided to make ours accessible to everyone. With the love and support of SleepyCat community, we do our part of giving back to the society by donating to those in need.

Afterall, the biggest joy in life is giving!

Baale Mane - January, 2019

Hope Kolkata Foundation - May, 2018

Organisations we work with



The Hope Foundation works to free children living on the street and poor families from lives of pain, abuse and poverty.


Baale Mane is an NGO working towards empowering girls from rural communities by providing a home, education and holistic development.


The Robin Hood Army is a volunteer based organization that works towards providing food and other necessity items for the less fortunate people.

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