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The Original – 6 inches
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The Latex – 7 inches
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The Plus – 8 inches
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Mattress Protector
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The Baby Mattress
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SleepyCat Pillow
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Smart Base
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Congratulations on your
purchase of the purrfect mattress!

As you value great sleep at your home, you could get a
free neck pillow for your sleep on the go.

For sleep on the go, follow these steps

Step 01

Take the mattress out of the box and set it up

Step 02

Click a picture of your new mattress without a bed cover in landscape mode

Step 03

Tag, #mysleepycatbedroom and mention your order number on your facebook & instagram post

Step 04

Receive your neck pillow

The participant’s entry must be a clear, fully visible front view image of the bedroom in a landscape format of the SleepyCat mattress without the bed sheet cover. The order number of the purchase as well as #mysleepycatbedroom is mandatory to be eligible for the gift. For further T&C click here.

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