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Original Plus Mattress
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Mattress Protector
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Baby Mattress
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Memory Foam Pillow 2.0
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Bed Base
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SleepyCat Cloud Pillow
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SleepyCat Cuddle Pillow
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Fitted Bedsheet Set
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Reversible Comforter
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#mysleepycatbedroom – Terms & Conditions

The participant’s entry must be a clear, fully visible front view image of the bedroom in a landscape format of the SleepyCat mattress without the bedsheet cover. The SleepyCat logo should be visible. 

The participant must:-
1. Tag in the photo
2. Use hashtag #mysleepycatbedroom and their respective order numbers in the caption.

Entries will eligible from 25th February 2020
This means that only orders that are placed from this date onwards will be eligible to participate and win.

Entries will be acceptable on Facebook and Instagram.

Please note, we will not be able to view your entries on Instagram if you have a Private Account.
Entries of Public Accounts will only be visible for us to validate.

Sleep Management Pvt Ltd is not responsible for the health or safety concerns once the eligible participant has received the item.

If any harm is incurred from the items received by the participant, Sleep Management bears no responsibility.

By submitting entries or participating here, you allow Sleep Management the right to use, reuse and alter the pictures as per their discretion.

Sleep Management Pvt Ltd reserves the right to alter, withdraw the offer at any time during this period.

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