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There is no superior feeling in the world than welcoming your child into your home. From that moment on, everything in your life changes. But before your baby arrives, you manage your anticipation and excitement by buying all the essentials you think your baby may need.

While there is a lot to shop for your baby, rest assured your baby's sleeping needs can be taken care of by SleepyCat.

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Everything your baby needs to experience the dreamiest no-fuss sleep is available at SleepyCat. Choose from an expansive collection of bolster pillows, head pillows, super soft comforters, crib-fitted sheets, crib mattress, and lots more.

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The baby sleeping products on SleepyCat are guaranteed to satisfy your needs. This is evident from the positive reviews we receive from thousands of customers for our products online.

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Every sleeping product, such as memory foam mattress or comforter, for your baby, is made using the highest quality fabric that is breathable, hypoallergenic, and super soft to regulate your baby's sleep restfully. 

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Just because these are sleeping essentials don't mean they cannot have a luxurious feel to them. All of our baby products have a classic chic look that defines the luxury of style. 

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You can find products in different ranges on our website; we have high-end products available for everyone that won't break your budget. 

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SleepyCat has become one of the most customer-friendly online shopping platforms for buyers all over India in a short time. Our customers get to have a hassle-free superior shopping experience when they shop for baby products at SleepyCat.

Here is why you need to buy baby bedding sets and pillows online from SleepyCat

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SleepyCat has some of the highest positively reviewed products on the internet. So when you buy from our website, you know that you get guaranteed top-quality products. 

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All the details and prices of the products mentioned on our website are completely transparent. The prices mentioned are inclusive of taxes, and there is no added charge for shopping. 

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At SleepyCat, we understand that online shopping can be a hassle if you need to return something. That is why we have an easy return and cancellation policy that won't stress you out. 

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And if you return something, your refunds are issued with no fuss at all.

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We do our best to ship your products within 7-10 days, and you can easily track your order on our website throughout the process. 

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You can opt for our no-cost EMI policy and conveniently pay for your item.

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The customer care service at SleepyCat is the most professional and user-friendly one. We are happy to answer all your queries and patiently listen to any grievances you might have. We do our best to provide a shopping experience that makes you happy and satisfied. 

Baby sleeping products cannot be shopped from anywhere. Choose a website that is known for its quality and service, so you know you are choosing the best for your little one. After all, if they sleep happily, you sleep peacefully too. 

SleepyCat does not just offer sleeping essentials for your baby; we take care of the sleeping needs of tired parents as well. So, why just fill your cart only with products for your baby? You deserve a treat too. Explore our range of awesome sleeping products that can help you pause and relax for the best sleep of your life.


Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs

100% cotton bed sheets are often the standard when it comes to choosing a baby bed sheet. Cotton will help keep your newborn cool during the Summer and warm in Winter. 100% cotton sheets are considered hypoallergenic, which means that your baby won’t have any kind of skin irritation.  

To make sure your baby's fitted crib sheet is safe. Check that the crib sheet fits snugly on your crib mattress. The fitted sheet needs to be tucked under the mattress, so it can't snap up and become a suffocation risk. Never use an adult sheet on a crib mattress.

You can introduce your baby to a comforter from the age of six months. Stick to one comforter, ideally one that is washable (and get a spare!) Your baby's comforter should be made of light, breathable fabric.

The best high-quality material for a baby pillow is Cotton. Cotton is gentle on the skin of your little ones and is also easy to care for. In addition, the material is naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, thus providing a good night to your tot. 

While a head-shaping pillow is recommended for usage while your baby is awake, it is not recommended that babies sleep with one. Most medical practitioners recommend that your baby sleeps on their back on a flat and firm surface. 

The best baby pillow to prevent a flat head syndrome should be an arc-shaped groove design baby pillow that evenly distributes the pressure from your baby’s head & helps them develop a perfectly rounded head by the time they are 6 months old.  

Ensure you buy a mattress that is made of natural materials for the crib mattress. Look for a waterproof crib mattress and breathable fabric. A mattress used in a crib must be at least 27 1/4 inches x 51 1/4 inches, with a thickness not exceeding 6 inches.

The standard Indian crib mattress size is 30”(Width) x 75”(Length). Crib mattresses are the smallest size of mattress available. This type of mattress is most suitable for Babies.

The safest materials for a baby mattress are Latex foam or High-density foam. These materials are not only safer for your baby but they also naturally regulate temperature better than synthetic materials, which can result in more restful sleep for your little one.

Baby mattresses do not normally have an expiration date but you should expect a high-quality baby mattress to last for at least 5 years. The life of the mattress depends on the construction and the quality of the components used in it.