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The Original – 6 inches
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Mattress Protector
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SleepyCat Pillow
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SleepyCat Mattress – India’s Best Mattress Brand

Snoozin' Made Hassle-free!

As India's first mattress-in-a-box, SleepyCat is a sleep solutions brand bringing to you high quality, innovative sleep products at direct from factory prices! Your honest, luxurious and reliable sleep brand, making shopping for these products ridiculously fun and easy!


SleepyCat Latex


SleepyCat Pillow

Save Upto 75%
30 nights Free Trial
10 years warranty
Free Shipping
Giving Back


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Customers Love Us! Here's Why...

  • Nishit


    The mattress is really good. Definitely a worth buy.

    Using since last 1 week and it is absolutely comfortable. Far better than what I have seen in market. Value for money. Earlier I used to wake up with Body Pain because of my old coir foam mattress. That pain is now gone. Now I wake up fresh in the morning. Paisa vasool. Packaging also is good.

  • Bala Kirthik


    Perfect support and comfortable top layer.

    After doing lots of research I realised that good quality mattress in market is very expensive. Someone told me about SleepyCat and I gave it a try. Very happy with the overall experience and mattress. The fabric cover is soft.

  • Ahmad


    High quality mattress, reasonably firm but not hard.

    The memory foam allows the body to sink a little then the foam below gives support. Within a week, my stiffness in the mornings was resolved. My neck and shoulder pain have improved greatly. Great product, for me it's simply "purrfect". Thank you very much.

  • Mahendra


    My sleep pattern has improved so much!

    The mattress is worth the money and you don't feel like geting up from the bed. Really great work SleepyCat team. My family and I wish that you guys go far ahead in your business. Thanks a lot for introducing such a fantastic product at affordable price line. All the very best.

  • Natasha


    It is a seamless experience!

    Bought a pair of single mattresses from SleepyCat! The are very comfortable. The mattresses arrived in a box! The quality of the mattress is good and so is the finishing.

  • Krithika


    Finally found a comfortable mattress.

    A fabulous mattress which gives us a better and undisturbed sleep all night, after all, sleep is the most essential thing next to food. Definitely worth the money. Big thanks team SleepyCat.

  • Shweta


    Great mattress at affordable prices.

    We just bought a few for our guesthouse and we're thrilled with the quality of the mattress, the service and support through the entire process. Big ups to SleepyCat!

  • Abhijit


    I feel zero disturbances on the memory foam mattress.

    This mattress is indeed comfortable. You could never imagine an entire mattress comes in such a small packing! Apart from the product, it's the service the brand provides that impressed me. From end to end follow ups to personalized messages, the team really does a great job of taking your sleep into their hands.


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