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1 Year WarrantyApplicable on Baby Mattress, All Bedding, All Pillows, and Dog Beds
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Water Resistant
Chew Resistant
Machine Washable Cover

Shield your dog's bed from dirt, pet hair, and everyday wear and tear with this vellour knitted fabric.

Shield your dog’s bed from dirt, pet hair, and everyday wear and tear with this vellour knitted fabric. Offering the extra protective layer crafted with care!

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  • 1 year warranty
    1 year warranty
  • Free Shipping
    Free shipping
  • Not Eligible for Return
    Not Eligible for Return
Country of origin: India

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Dog Bed Cover

Knitted velour fabric with velvet finish for luxuriously soft comfort
pillow dimensions
Available in medium, large and extra large sizes
Safeguard your furry friend's bed with this cover that provides an extra layer of protection
packaging & usage
Can be used immediately after unboxing
Machine Washable zipper cover

Our Vellour Knitted fabric wraps your pup's pad in style and protection!

Our Vellour Knitted fabric wraps your pup's pad in style and protection!

We all love our dogs, don’t we? While they may be our best friends, sleeping with them can be uncomfortable for you and your dog. After all, your furry friend needs some space of his own. Dog beds are the perfect add-on to your house if you have a pet and would like to make them feel cozy & at home. 

SleepyCat has the best range of dog beds online for your pet friends. These dog beds have been designed keeping in mind all the essential requirements a dog can have. SleepyCat does not just take care of your sleeping needs, but we also understand how precious your pets are to you. That is why we have launched specially crafted dog beds for your loving pet.

Buy Comfortable Beds for Dogs from SleepyCat

Dog beds from SleepyCat are a must-have for your pet family. Whether you have a cat ora dog, they need comfortable sleep and a little space to call home. Here is why dog beds from SleepyCat are an indispensable item for your cute companions:

  • Classy Dog Bed Design

We have kept the design of these dog beds simple yet classy. Because when it comes to dog beds , the more uncomplicated the design, the better. 

  • Durable Dog Bed Material

SleepyCat has taken special care when it comes to selecting the material of the dog bed. These dog beds are made with scratch-resistant material because we all know how our fuzzy friends love to scratch the hell out of things. They can chew and scratch to their heart’s content, but it won’t damage the bed. However, being scratch resistant, there is no compromise on the softness of the bed. The material is also water resistant.

  • Easy to Clean Dog Beds

The dog bed has an easy-to-remove machine-washable cover for easy washing. 

  • Comfort with style Dog Beds

While we have kept the style classy, the comfort for the pets has been our topmost priority. These dog & puppy beds are pretty soft to provide gentle and cushioned support for your cuddly baby. 

  • Orthopedic support Dog Beds

The best part about buying dog beds online from SleepyCat is that you can choose our orthopedic variant to provide the right support and relieve any pressure and pain. The orthopedic dog bed is great if your dog has an already existing painful condition like dysplasia or arthritis or if they had a painful back injury before.

  • Different Dog Bed sizes available

Every dog needs ample space to get comfy. And pets have different sizes & body shapes as per the breed you own. That is why we have a variety of dog bed sizes, and you can choose the ideal one.  

Benefits of Buying Dog Beds from SleepyCat

If you are looking to buy puppy beds or Dog beds online, SleepyCat is your best bet for the following reasons:

  • Quality Guaranteed

The major benefit of buying puppy or adult dog beds from SleepyCat is the high quality of our products. SleepyCat has some of the highest-rated products on the internet in the country. Our customer satisfaction statistics guarantee that you won’t regret shipping with us. 

  • You pay what you see (No hidden charges)

The prices mentioned on the website for dog beds are inclusive of GST and other taxes.

  • Easy No Cost EMI

You can choose a no-cost EMI payment option for buying dog beds online.

  • Free shipping

There are absolutely no shipping costs for puppy or dog beds

  • Track your order easily.

From the moment you order the dog bed, you can track your order every step of the way.

  • Fast shipping

We try our best to ship your orders within 7-10 days.

Explore our website to look for the right products to aid in a peaceful sleep. After all, those who sleep the best live the best.