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10 Year WarrantyFor all our mattresses only - The Ultima, The Original, The Hybrid Latex and The Ortho Lite Mattress
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1 Year WarrantyApplicable on Baby Mattress, All Bedding, All Pillows, and Dog Beds
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100-Nights TrialOn all our Standard Size Mattresses - The Ultima, The Original, The Hybrid Latex and The Ortho Lite Mattress
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Super Soft
Elastic Corners
Enhanced Breathability

Get the softest feel with its knit fabric that doesn't wrinkle & stays snug with it's elastic edges

These sheet are as soft as your favourite T-shirt! Get the softest feel with its knit fabric that doesn’t wrinkle & stays snug with it’s elastic edges

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  • 1 year warranty
    1 year warranty
  • Free Shipping
    Free shipping
  • Not Eligible for Return
    Not Eligible for Return
Country of origin: India

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Jersey Fitted Sheet

Comfy & buttery soft feel
pillow dimensions
140 GSM
2 years warranty
Easy to clean, simply toss in to your machine and it's done!
cover material
Available in King & Queen sizes
Fits mattresses from 15.24cm (6-inch) to 25.4cm (10-inch) in height
Knitted Jersey Fabric so it stays snuggly soft and breathable
68.58cm x 43.18cm (27 x 17 inches) standard oxford pillow cases with envelope closure of 15.24cm (6-inch)

Superbly cozier & stretchier than regular sheets!

These Jersey sheet help you stay warm in winter & cool in summer because of its knitted Jersey fabric. They comes with 2 complimentary pillow cases for a entire bed setup

If you are someone who struggles every day while trying to put a fitted bedsheet on your bed or if you have children who would not let the bedsheet stay in the same place, then you need top-quality fitted bed sheets right away.

No one wants to start their day wrestling with their fitted bedsheet trying to tuck it in neatly on all corners. With a fitted sheet of the right kind, making beds in the morning becomes child’s play.

Why are fitted bed sheets great? 

Fitted bed sheets are different from regular bed sheets as they have an elastic edge that is wrapped around the mattress to stretch it and keep it in place. Everyone must get their fitted bedsheets online as they are practical and useful for various reasons mentioned below. 

  • Can be Easily Tucked in by Anyone: Fitted bedsheets can be used by anyone. These are great, especially for kids’ beds. Even kids can easily tuck them in. No one in your house will be able to give an excuse for not making the bed if you have a fitted bed sheet!
  • Mess-free: The advantage of having a fitted bedsheet set is they stay perfectly fixed in their place, and no matter what, they make the bed look clean and immaculate. So, if you have a fitted bedsheet, you can say goodbye to wrinkled bedsheets forever.
  • Great Time-Saver: The fitted bed sheet set does not take long to get tucked. They can help you save a ton of time every morning. All you need to do is stretch the given elastic to the side, tuck it under the mattresses, and you are good to go for the rest of the day.
  • Aids in a Peaceful Sleep: If you are someone who twists and turns in their sleep a lot, chances are you end up making a mess of your bedsheet in your sleep. It can also get pretty uncomfortable with the sheet folding and wrinkling under you. Buying a fitted bedsheet set online would immediately solve this issue and help you get a restful sleep.
  • Classy Looks: Have you ever walked into a hotel room and got swooned over by their bedding and the perfectly tucked-under bedsheets? Fitted bed sheets help you get that classic look in your bedroom at a way lower cost than a hotel room!

Why buying SleepyCat’s Fitted Bedsheets Online is the right choice for you? 

Buying a bedsheet set or a fitted bedsheet set online can be tricky. You need to be able to trust the website, believe in its quality, and have an easy delivery and return process. SleepyCat does not only offer you premium quality products but also ensures that our customers have a hassle-free order and return process.

  • Breathable, Ultra Soft, and Allergy-Free material

Fitted bedsheets from SleepyCat are made with 100% premium quality fabrics like cotton. The material makes the fitted bedsheet completely wrinkle-free while providing a soft buttery feeling to your skin. What’s more? The material is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, so you do not need to worry if you have sensitive skin.

  • Oeko-Tex certified

These fitted sheets are Oeko-Tex certified. It is a certification that is given to textiles that are free from harmful substances at all processing levels. The standard certifies that our products follow environmentally and socially responsible guidelines. These bed sheets are free from any harmful azo dyes.

  • Easy to Clean

These fitted sheets can be easily washed in a washing machine with no hassle. Also, no need to worry about ruining your bedsheet after washing them. These bedsheets do not fade in color even after several washes. 

  • Choose What Suits You

The fitted bedsheet set is available in a range of solid colors. It comes in King and queen size. You also get two complimentary pillowcases with the bedsheet.

  • Amazing Reviews 

SleepyCat has received thousands of positive reviews from our customers. The satisfaction of our customers speaks for the quality of these products. 

What are you waiting for? Get yourself premium quality fitted bedsheets and make your life easier.

SleepyCat’s fitted bedsheets are some of the best ones available online. And so are all our other products. Try them to see for yourself. We ensure that our products help you sleep better. After all, we understand – Those who sleep better live better!

What Is The Difference Between a Bed Sheet And a Fitted Sheet?

A flat sheet is a rectangular piece of fabric that is typically placed on top of the fitted sheet but underneath any blankets or comforters. It is usually larger than the fitted sheet and has a consistent size regardless of the mattress dimensions. A fitted sheet, on the other hand, is specifically designed to fit snugly around the mattress. It has elasticized corners that securely hold it in place on the mattress, preventing it from slipping off during sleep. Fitted sheets are available in various sizes to match different mattress dimensions.


Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs

Jersey bed sheets are made from a knit fabric, akin to T-shirt material. The result is a stretchy, soft, and breathable sheet.

Jersey sheets are renowned for their comfort, featuring a soft, smooth, and cozy feel—ideal for those prioritizing comfort in bedding.

Machine washes jersey sheets in cold water with colors. Skip bleach and fabric softeners to prevent damage. Opt for low-heat tumble dry or air dry to maintain quality.

Jersey sheets are versatile, offering comfort in warmer months with breathability and warmth in cooler weather due to their insulating properties.

Sleepycat's jersey sheets come in two colors and stripe prints.