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Super Soft
Machine Washable

The perfect snuggle partner for warm summer nights. This cool, soft & lightweight Throw doubles up as a travel companion too!

The perfect snuggle partner for warm summer nights. This cool, soft & lightweight Throw doubles up as a travel companion too!

1. Wash the muslin throw in the delicate cycle of your washing machine, preferably with cold water and mild detergents.

2. Do not add bleach or fabric softeners.

3. Air-dry the throw on a rack or clothesline

This product is not eligible for returns
  • 1 year warranty
    1 year warranty
  • Free Shipping
    Free shipping
  • Not Eligible for Return
    Not Eligible for Return
Country of origin: India

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Super Soft
good for
Good For:
All Sleepers
pillow dimensions
Single Size: 
  • 149.86 cm x 215.9 cm
  • (59 x 85 inches)
thread count
100% Natural Cotton
Machine Washable Throw
Available in 3 designs
packaging & usage
Unbox & use
Throw Yourself In Comfort

Throw yourself in comfort

For those personal moments of solitude, and recharging, you’ve got the Muslin Throw. Soft, smooth and light as a feather. Crafted with digitally printed 100% cotton muslin that’s encased between 2 layers of sheer muslin, this throw is all you need to stay snug.

Bring comfort with you, wherever you go. This Muslin Throw isn’t made for sharing, it’s made for just you.

Muslin throws are perfect for those warm summer days and nights when you need something lightweight and airy to relax in. Whether you want an afternoon nap, snuggle as you watch your favorite show on the sofa, or need a lightweight blanket to carry during your travels, SleepyCat’s Muslin throws are the ideal choice.

These Muslin Sofa throws can be your best sleep companion, travel partner, and snuggle buddy. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and made with the softest material, perfect against your skin. 

Why everyone needs to have Muslin Throws

We all fancy soft blankets to get all cozy during sleep. But when the temperatures rise up slightly, or you are watching your favorite series on the sofa, you need something that covers you up but does not make you all warm and sultry. That is when you need a muslin throw. Muslin sofa or bed throws are great for several reasons.

  • Perfect for Summers: We all know how “dohars” become our best friends during summer. Muslin throws are basically “dohars” with super soft cotton material ideal for summers. They allow air to flow and are superbly lightweight. So, if you are looking for a dohar online, our muslin throws are great for you.
  • Perfect for Travelling: Muslin throws from SleepyCat are lightweight, easy to carry, and compact. Take them with you for a road trip, train travel, or on a flight. When you cannot carry something heavy like blankets provided in public transport, our soft muslin throw blanket will be your ideal companion. 
  • Perfect for Decor: Muslin throws also work great as sofa throws or bed throws. They come in a variety of prints and attractive patterns, and colors. Just put them in your favorite corner of the room on the sofa or the bed, and you have changed the look of the room in a simple and chic manner.

Why SleepyCat’s Muslin throw is a Must-buy

Muslin throws are extremely versatile, and no one has ever regretted buying them. In summer, you can sleep in them, and in winter, they are the perfect decor piece for your lounge.

Here is why you need to trySleepyCat’s Muslin throw for yourself to see why everyone is raving about them.

Breathable & Soft material

Warm weather requires you just the right material to cover yourself during sleep. A heavy blanket or one made with synthetic material will interfere with your sleep making you all sweaty. No one wants that, for sure! SleepyCat’s Muslin throws are made with 100% cotton that is airy and super soft against your skin.

Easy to Carry & Clean

These can be easily washed in a washing machine, and guess what? They get softer after each wash! These muslin throws are lightweight and super easy to carry whether you are traveling to your work or on vacation abroad. 

Comes in a Variety of Patterns

At SleepyCat, we do not just take care of your sleeping needs, but we also understand the importance of aesthetics. You can choose our muslin throws from a range of colors and patterns as per your preference.

1-Year Guarantee

We give you one full year to use our muslin throws with the Guarantee of your satisfaction.

Positively Reviewed by Hundreds of Customers

Hundreds of users have used our products and made them India’s most positively reviewed sleeping essentials. Try it for yourself and experience what our other customers have felt.

Still, thinking? Order a Muslin Throw today, and if you are not satisfied, we will happily take it back

SleepyCat offers high-quality throw blankets, sofa throws,mattresses, pillows, bedsheets, and so much more. Explore our website to find the right products for a peaceful sleep every night and heavenly naps during the day. After all, everyone deserves to sleep like there is no tomorrow.


Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs

Yes, the soft Cotton Muslin Throw will be softer after every wash.

As many as you'd like! The Muslin Throw is built to last, so you can just pack it in the cotton bag and toss it in the machine for a wash, as often as you'd like.

Without the bag, the Muslin Throw weighs 520 g.

Absolutely not, the Muslin Throw is easy to care for. There wont' be any bleeding of colours. Rest easy.

The Muslin Throw is made for afternoon naps and to cuddle in without any worries. You can use it in your bed, or even on the sofa while you're lounging. It's your personal throw, to relax and be yourself in.