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Just as cosy as cuddling, our quilted box design, all-season comforters are light and comfy.

All season reversible comforter in quilted box design with microfiber fill and soft to touch fabric

All-season Comfort
5 Reversible Colours
(Inclusive of all taxes)
100 nights trial is not applicable on Reversible Comforter
  • 1 year warranty
  • Free shipping
Country of origin: India


Reversible Comforter

thread count
Peached Microfibre shell that scores on being breathable and wrinkle-free
pillow dimensions
Single: 228.6 x 152.4 cm (90 x 60 inches) Double: 228.6 x 254 cm (90 x 100 inches)
Just toss it in your machine for an easy clean
220 GSM Virgin Microfibre Fill that feels as light as a feather
Available in 5 chic reversible shades
packaging & usage
Delivered in a carton. Simply unbox and use after 24 hours.
good for
All kinds of sleepers and all kinds of seasons, come what may.
Snuggle Time

Snuggle time, all year round

Once you’re wrapped in it, it’s hard to leave. Our Reversible Comforter is cosy-meets-classy-meets-comfort in a soft-to-touch peach-finish fabric that you’d just want to snuggle into.

Why you'll love our Reversible Comforter

Tuck In And Get Comfortable

Tuck in and get comfortable

Made to wick moisture away, our hypoallergenic comforter is filled with microfibre and covered in a soft peach-finish fabric that will make you want to skip that meeting and stay in bed.

Maintenance that's easy as 1-2-3

1. Machine wash 2. Air dry and 3. Wrap yourself in it. Oh, and the colours never lose their hue so it's always bright and fresh.

Maintenance That's Easy
Reverse For A Colour Refresh

Reverse for a colour refresh

Flip it around and you have yourself a brand new comforter! Available in 5 seriously gorgeous colour combinations.

Details that make comfort practical

Premium baffle box design keeps the fill intact and fluffy. And the pre-stitched loops on all four corners let you slip it into your favourite duvet cover for that extra cushiony feel.

Details That Make Comfort Practical
Just The Dreamiest Feel Ever

Just the dreamiest feel ever

As soft as peach fuzz, the microfibre cover on our comforter keeps the cosy quotient high at all times. Plus, it's just as durable as it is soft!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Our Reversible Comforter is made to keep your snug and cosy, while our Weighted Blanket can de-stress you and reduce anxiety, with Deep Pressure Therapy. It depends on what you're looking for, some comforting me-time, or a de-stressing nap. Bottom line though? You'll always wake up feeling better with SleepyCat.

All the hues of our Reversible Comforter are fade-resistant so they'll always stay fresh, wash after wash. All you need to keep in mind is avoid using harsh detergents.

Simply put, moisture wicking means the fabric dries quickly. Its engineered to pull moisture, including sweat away from you, so you can stay dry, fresh and cool. Plus, it's highly breathable.

Besides being cruelty-free, the Microfibre fill is also dense, giving you a soft, dreamy plush feel. It's also moisture wicking and much easier to care for.

"Our Reversible Comforter is made to be all-season and lightweight, with its ultrasoft touch and light microfibre fill, it can keep you warm, without giving you nightsweats. It's best suited for temperatures between 18°C to 24°C. If you live somewhere that can get very cold, it comes with loops so you can slip it right in to your duvet cover, to help you keep warmer.

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Want to drape yourself into a cosy comforter?

Look no further and shop our Comforter online! Made with fine, velvetty finish fabric, our Comforter will provide you happiness and warmth as you wrap yourself in it. And good sleep, of course!

We know that the mini workout you face every morning, trying to wrap those heavy blankets (only to start it all over again the next time) is not something you look forward to. Well, we took care of that for you! Lightweight and offering snuggles galore, our Comforter is filled with hypoallergenic hollow fibre, which is resistant to wrinkling, providing you maximum comfort all year long.

Now, you also do not have to worry about the stains you hid from your partner the night you were watching your favourite movie. Our Comforter is completely machine washable and will dry quickly so that you’re ready to go for the next movie session with your bae! Also, the cute colour you choose to match your bedding? Yeah that won’t fade away either! Our Comforters look good as new as day one all throughout.

What’s more? Its reversible! Available in five luxurious reversible colour pairs along with a premium baffle box design, our Comforter is just the best of both worlds! The premium baffle box design, sewn into squares, helps keep the fibers in place throughout its life span. Each of the squares also work as air pockets, offering our Comforter an airy, fluffy feel!

Apart from this, our Comforter has pre-stitched loops on all four corners so that you can secure it within your favourite covers without any hassle. Our advice? Slip it into a duvet during winters for extra comfort!

Do you need anything else for resting and drifting off to cozy land other than this fuzzy, airy, goodness? Nope, we don’t think so! Buy our Comforter online and get ready to hit snooze multiple times because you’d never want to leave this comfort! Happy sleeping!

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