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10 year warranty
10 Year WarrantyFor all our mattresses only - The Ultima, The Original, The Hybrid Latex, and the Baby Mattress
1 year warranty
1 Year WarrantyApplicable on All Beds, All Bedding, All Pillows
100 nights free trial
100-Nights TrialOn all our mattresses - The Ultima, The Original and The Hybrid Latex
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Sleep warm and cosy all year round with our range of comforters.

Sleep warm and cosy all year round with our range of comforters.

Dual Colour
Machine Washable
(Inclusive of all taxes)
or ₹627/month (No Cost EMI available for 3 & 6 months)
100 nights trial is not applicable on Reversible Comforter
  • 1 year warranty
    1 year warranty
  • Free Shipping
    Free shipping
Country of origin: India


Reversible Comforter

Super Soft
good for
All Sleepers
pillow dimensions
  • 228.6 x 152.4 cm
  • (90 x 60 inches)
  • 228.6 x 254 cm
  • (90 x 100 inches)
  • All Season - 200 GSM Virgin Microfibre
  • Winter season - 400 GSM Virgin Microfibre
thread count
All Season - Peached MicrofibreWinter Comforter - Peached Microfibre
Machine Washable Comforter- Single: 5 - 7 kg machine- Double: 8 - 10 kg machine
All Season Comforter: 5 dual/reversible coloursWinter Comforter: 1 dual/reversible colour
packaging & usage
Unbox & use after 24-hours
Snuggle Time

Year Round Snuggles!

Dual Colour, soft comforter for the coziest sleep of your life.

Learn more about the power of rest


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Are you trying to make your winters more comfortable?

Undoubtedly one of the finest investments you’ll ever make is a comforter. The term “comforter” refers to a piece of cloth that is an integral element of your bedding set and is incredibly soft and pleasant. It provides warmth, coziness, and comfort and enhances the quality of your sleep. 

It’s crucial to have a comfortable temperature when you sleep, and the warmth provided by comforters is unparalleled. You may now get a high-quality comforter online at SleepyCat and enjoy quality sleep.

Types of Comforter Fabrics

  • Cotton – As a naturally occurring, breathable, and lightweight fabric, cotton is the most often used option. When you want something light and cool while it’s hot outside, this modest alternative is ideal.
  • Linen – The best option for all weather situations is linen bed comforters, which can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Be careful to use a mild liquid detergent and cold water when washing linen comforters.
  • Bamboo – Bamboo is well renowned for being antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and capable of naturally evaporating moisture. Additionally, it is incredibly cooling, making it the perfect option for people who frequently perspire in hot weather.
  • Polyester – Even though it’s lightweight, polyester can provide considerable insulation. It is made of a hypoallergenic fabric that is affordable and durable.

Are you curious about how you went about making this purchase? We’ll explain how to you.

Buy SleepyCat Reversible Comforter Online

The SleepyCat All Weather Comforter ensures a restful night’s sleep in any season. This comforter keeps you warm in the winter and may be used as an air-conditioning blanket in the summer to get restorative sleep. It is created with no synthetic ingredients to keep you safe & calm while you sleep. Our All Weather Comforters are created with Wrinkle Resistant Technology to prevent wrinkling even after washing. They are available in two sizes and are intended for daily use. Our quilted box design keeps all the contents in place. Since it is hypoallergenic & breathable, you can rest well at night. Our pre-stitched loops also make it simple to tuck the comforter into any duvet cover. It comes in two colors, so you can easily flip it to alter the style and feel of your bedroom. It is designed to wick sweat and other moisture away from you, keeping you dry, clean, and cool. 

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions – Single: 90 x 60 inches, Double: 90 x 100 inches.
  • Comforter Fill – All Season – 200 GSM Virgin Microfibre, Winter season – 400 GSM Virgin Microfibre.
  • It is filled with microfibre and is built to withstand every weather.
  • Comforter comes in two variants – All Season (for 16-26° C weather) and Winter (for 0-15° C weather)
  • Comes in two amazing colors 

Key Features

  • Provides warmth
  • Lightweight
  • Superior Quality Finishing
  • Long Lasting

Maintenance Guidelines

  • Machine-wash separately in lukewarm water and a light detergent.
  • To lessen creases, let the sheets air dry.
  • Fold and keep in a spot that’s clean and dry. Mold and musty odors may develop as a result of moisture.
  • Avoid using bleach since it might harm the fabric; instead, think about using a natural whitener like lemon juice.

Why Should You Buy the Best Comforters Online from SleepyCat? 

A range of bedding items is available at SleepyCat to help you have a wonderful night’s sleep. You may get some excellent deals by taking advantage of the online store’s amazing discounts. In addition to offering styles that range from rustic and ancient to contemporary and creative, SleepyCat also curates and produces goods that are all about comfort and warmth. We hold expertise in offering high-quality products at competitive pricing. Once a purchase is placed online, the company also provides speedy delivery.

Buy bedding online from SleepyCat to bring home trendy and comfortable comforters made from the best possible raw materials.


Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs

Our Reversible Comforter is made to keep your snug and cosy, while our Weighted Blanket can de-stress you and reduce anxiety, with Deep Pressure Therapy. It depends on what you're looking for, some comforting me-time, or a de-stressing nap. Bottom line though? You'll always wake up feeling better with SleepyCat.

All the hues of our Reversible Comforter are fade-resistant so they'll always stay fresh, wash after wash. All you need to keep in mind is avoid using harsh detergents.

Simply put, moisture wicking means the fabric dries quickly. Its engineered to pull moisture, including sweat away from you, so you can stay dry, fresh and cool. Plus, it's highly breathable.

Besides being cruelty-free, the Microfibre fill is also dense, giving you a soft, dreamy plush feel. It's also moisture wicking and much easier to care for.

"Our Reversible Comforter is made to be all-season and lightweight, with its ultrasoft touch and light microfibre fill, it can keep you warm, without giving you nightsweats. It's best suited for temperatures between 18°C to 24°C. If you live somewhere that can get very cold, it comes with loops so you can slip it right in to your duvet cover, to help you keep warmer.