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Our feel-good weighted blanket is hand filled with glass microbeads, for deep (deep) relaxation.

Our feel-good weighted blanket is hand filled with glass microbeads, for deep (deep) relaxation.

Anxiety & Stress Relief
Safe Glass Microbeads
Hand Washable
(Inclusive of all taxes)
100 nights trial is not applicable on Weighted Blanket
  • 1 year warranty
  • Free shipping
Country of origin: India


Weighted Blanket

thread count
135 GSM Cotton Sateen Fabric for that plush feel
High Density Glass Microbeads filled between 2 layers of 100 GSM cotton
Dry clean or hand wash only. Do not machine wash.
Colourless High Density Glass Beads for Deep Touch Pressure
pillow dimensions
127 x 190.5 cm (50 x 75 inches)
14 gm/baffle box
0.75 - 1.5 mm
Luxe shades of Charcoal grey, Midnight Blue.
7 kg for just the right amount of comfort.
good for
Sleepers with anxiety or insomnia or those who face trouble falling asleep.
Drift Into Deep- Therapeutic Sleep

Drift into deep, therapeutic sleep

Our weighted blanket is like a gentle bear hug. The glass microbead filling applies the right amount of pressure. Soothing you into a state of Zen-like calm.

Loads to love, just the weigh it is From enhancing the quality of your sleep and improving your mood to reducing stress, anxiety and insomnia, our weighted blanket works like magic.

Loads To Love-Just The Weigh It Is

Loads to love, just the weigh it is

From enhancing the quality of your sleep and improving your mood to reducing stress, anxiety and insomnia, our weighted blanket works like magic.

Get into Zen-mode with Deep Touch Pressure

Working on the principle of Deep Touch Pressure, our weighted blanket stimulates your pressure points, releasing trapped stress. This action reduces cortisol (stress hormone) and increases serotonin (happy hormone).

Deep Touch Pressure
Mini Pockets-Mighty Power

Mini pockets, mighty power

Designed for absolute comfort, our weighted blanket features mini glass filled pockets for even weight distribution and deepest state of relaxation you've ever known.

Glass Microbeads

Glass microbeads that do more than relax you

The high density glass microbeads we use are completely safe, shatterproof, and ensure that the weight is distributed evenly. What's more, they're eco-friendly and practically noiseless for quiet comfort.

Luxe cotton cover for daily hugs

Encased in layers of soft breathable cotton so you can snuggle up whenever you want to, no matter the season, or reason.

Luxe Cotton Cover For Daily Hugs
Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Our Reversible Comforter is made to keep your snug and cosy, while our Weighted Blanket can de-stress you and reduce anxiety, with Deep Pressure Therapy. It depends on what you're looking for, some comforting me-time, or a de-stressing nap. Bottom line though? You'll always wake up feeling better with SleepyCat.

The fill of the Weighted Blanket is why the Weighted Blanket is not machine washable. In case of any spills, just use a damp cloth and wipe it off gently. You can also dry clean or hand wash it if you'd like, but you should never machine wash it.

The Cotton Sateen fabric we use with our Weighted Blanket is extremely breathable and soft, so it allows air to pass and you never feel too hot.

Working on the principle of Deep Pressure Therapy, the Weighted Blanket stimulates all your pressure points, giving you the feeling of a gentle hug. This gentle hug helps reduce the stress hormone (Cortisol) and increase the happy hormone (Serotonin).

The premium high density glass beads that we use, are completely safe. They're made to be shatterproof, so you can rest easy about them breaking. We use micro glass beads that are safely enveloped within the cotton layers. It's the best kind of fill so that they weight gets distributed evenly too!

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Practice the art of deep relaxation with our Weighted Blanket

Want to experience therapeutic sleep and wake up all refreshed and relaxed? No, it isn’t a distant dream. You can easily turn it into a reality. How? Well, shop our Weighted blanket online, and feel the relaxation you’ve always craved! We know how stressful it gets for you at times and we want you to allow us to help you in eliminating some of it. With a fast paced life comes a lot of anxiety and restlessness. You eventually end up staying wide awake due to said anxiety and are even more tired to start again the next day. If that sounds like you, its time to leave your worries to us and buy our Weighted blanket online to get the sleep of your dreams.

Filled with tiny glass beads, our Weighted blanket gently applies the right amount of pressure you need to get sweet sleep – the kind of sleep which soothe and heal your pains away. Now, you must be wondering what makes this blanket so special? Well, let us tell you. Weighted blankets have been proven to enhance sleep quality, uplifting your mood greatly and decreasing stress, anxiety as well as insomnia to a great extent. Now, you can say good bye to those sleepless, restless nights!

Our Weighted blanket has Deep Touch Pressure, stimulating your body’s pressure points which will eventually reduce the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, and increase the production of the happy hormone, serotonin. What else are you waiting for? Buy our blanket online now to get best sleep you’ve had in ages.

Our ‘hard to say no to’ Weighted blanket has also been designed with small 3×3-inch square baffle box pockets, which have been precisely filled with 14 gms of glass beads per pocket to provide you the right amount of comfort. See? We know what makes you happy!

Eco-friendly and breathable in nature, this blanket comes in charcoal grey, blush nude and a soothing midnight blue. Soft but luxuriously crafted, our Weighted blanket maintains a proper air flow so it never feels too warm to sleep with. Now, no more waiting to drift off into dreamland. Buy our Weighted blanket online and say hello to sweet dreams tonight!

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