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The Original – 6 inches
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Sleepycat Pillow



No trial policy is applicable on the Sleepycat Pillow

A replacement will be accepted only if incase there is damage or defect to the product during delivery.
Please ensure you keep the original box that came with the pillow. You can use this box to repack the pillow and we will schedule for pick up within 7 working days of receiving the ‘return’ or ‘replacement’ request.
Pillow orders that do not keep the box will not be able to return the item.

To submit a claim related to a defect, please email the following to [email protected]

  1. A brief description of the alleged defect.
  2. Proof of purchase (receipt or confirmation email).
  3. A photo documenting the alleged defect.

Upon receipt of a claim, you will receive a response from us within 10 business days.


The SleepyCat Pillow comes with a 2-year limited warranty which begins at the date of purchase. It covers manufacturing defects only, resulting from defective materials or workmanship in the product that you have purchased.

The warranty does not cover
  1. Any SleepyCat Pillow purchased or acquired used, resold, gifted or anyway not in possession of the original owner.
  2. Any SleepyCat Pillow purchased from a non-authorized SleepyCat distributor


You can machine wash the cover on a warm cycle. DO NOT wash the foam. Bending the pillow or its corners in any circumstance is not recommended and might damage the foam. Always protect the pillow from water and other liquids.

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