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10 Ridiculous Reasons to Skip Gym If You’re A Garfield Person

If you know Garfield, you know that he is the epitome of laziness. The fat, orange, hairy cat has a life that is a perfect reflection of his ideals – Eat, Sleep and watch TV.

When you have a routine that revolves only around sleep and food, the idea of going to the gym will always be regarded with skepticism. Anything to do with the slightest hint of “work” is always a pain in the a*#$.  Garfield’s  mantra for life is simple


Since he speaks fluently in sarcasm, his crazy excuses to justify missing workout are ridiculously funny. Check them out and find the one that is you-

  1. Let’s make life simple. No Pain. No Pain. Because who needs it anyway.


  1. My favorite exercise is Shav-asana and the Sleepilates, ofcourse.

  1. I really don’t think I need buns of steel, I’ll settle for buns of marshmallow.
  2. My go-to exercise at any time of the day is a cross between lunge and crunch. It’s popularly known as LUNCH. Why? Because

  1. Breathing and sleeping both burn a lot of calories. Now, there is only so much a body can do.


  1. Exercise is one of my favorite spectator sport

  1. I have 230 things on my to-do list. I can’t really waste my time running mindlessly


  1. Your fitness program begins with a nourishing breakfast. And they say, “You are what you eat”. I better focus on sweets and desserts.

  1. I’ll be single and miserable forever if I keep choosing gym over going on dates, and there’s no way I can fit a workout, shower, TV and date into one night.

  1. Going to workout after eating Lasagna is like cheating on your love.


If only sarcasm burnt calories, Garfield wouldn’t have the same “before” and “after” picture.


Garfield  has a lot planned for your lazy buns!

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Hurry! Head to our Facebook and Instagram to participate!


Till then, see you on the other side of Gym. Have a purrrfect sleep!


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Stand a chance to win a SleepyCat Neck Pillow every week!

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