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5 Best Movies to Watch on Netflix Now

Popcorn. Check. Lights. Check. Parents/ sibling to bed. Check. Snugly comfortable on your Sleepy Cat Mattress. Check. Movie to watch on Netflix. Endless scroll.

The struggle is real. After working hard to tick off everything on that perfect-movie-ambiance-checklist, it can be quite tormenting to browse through the sheer volume of Netflix movies and decide what to watch.

We recommend some must-see movies that promise the best of entertainment – just as the promise of luxurious comfort from Sleepy Cat. So, here are the top movies to watch on Netflix now:



This is a sublime film from Alfonso Cuaron.  Set in 1960’s turbulent Mexico, Roma is basically about two women, one from an upper-middle-class household, Sofia, and the other, Cleo, a live-in maidservant in her house. Complications ensue, involving both women, and the mistress of the house later invites Cleo to be part of a family vacation. The movie makes a deep impact because of an outstanding performance from Yalitzia Aparicio, who brings an extremely sensitive quality to her acting which earned her one of the many Oscars for the film.


Raiders of the Lost Ark

In the quest for a biblical antiquity, the Ark of the Lost Covenant, Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) must be chased by Nazis across the Egyptian desert, hang over a snake pit with nothing but his fingernails, face the wrath of God, flee from rolling boulders and face hidden spears, in this nail-biting catalog of thrills. The action is fast and fantastic. This movie is reminiscent of early comic books or boys’ adventure stories. The villains range from evil Nazis, drunken mountain guides and plotting Frenchmen, The result is one glorious adventure, from Steven Spielberg, which is sure to grab you by the throat from the very first scene.



In this utterly charming animated film from the house of Disney, a fairy tale world opens out before us. Set in Mexico, Miguel, a young boy sticks to his love for singing though there is a ban on it. He stumbles upon the story of his ancestor, a legendary singer. The movie captures Mexican traditions and culture spot on. Watching it, you are sure to be transported to faraway Mexico on some magic rug.


Justin Timberlake + the Tennessee Kids’ (2016)

Megastar Justin Timberlake really proves to be a fabulous entertainer in this movie of his live concert. The singer’s “20/20 Experience Tour” in Las Vegas is the backdrop for this movie by Jonathan Demme. Justin gets onstage, unperturbed by the cavernous venue and the party starts, with his energetic performance. So party on with your popcorn handy!


Groundhog Day

An egocentric weatherman is on an assignment in a town in the US. He wakes up the next day and is stunned to realize that he is living through a far-out case of deja-vu, he is recreating the day over and over!

Terrific performances, led by Bill Murray, raise the comedy quotient of this movie, delivering laugh after laugh. The movie is considered one of the best comedy films for it cleverly handles a difficult theme.

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