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5 Minute Bedtime Stories for Kids

Have you been reading Mahabharata or Ramayana to your kids as bedtime stories and praying for no questions and quick sleep?


While these epics offer great learnings, they should be restricted to daytime if you wish to win the bedtime battle with kids.


You need just two things for a fast-paced bedtime routine,  a SleepyCat mattress and shortest stories. We hope you are sorted on the first requisite. If not, buy SleepyCat memory foam mattress here.


For the second requisite we have some purrrfect recommendations for kids of any age–


  1. The Boy who Cried Wolf – This story is from Aesop’s Fables and emphasises on learning the value of being truthful. This is a story of a sheepherder who brought out the villagers a couple of times by crying out, “Wolf! Wolf!” and when the villagers came to help him, he laughed at them and ridiculed them for being easily fooled. As luck would have it, one day a wolf actually attacked the sheep herd. The boy kept crying “Wolf! Wolf!” but nobody came to his rescue. Everyone thought he was playing the trick again and lying. The boy learnt his lesson of being honest that day.


  1. The hare and the tortoise– We know that you have heard it numerous times, but your kids haven’t yet! This Panchtantra story teaches the valuable lesson of “slow and steady wins the race”. Do we really need to remind you of the whole story?


  1. Akbar and Birbal Stories – If your kids like stories that tickle their funny bone, this one is sure to make you the popular parent. And yes, there are some short stories in this series too. Try this – One day Akbar asks Birbal for the exact number of crows in the kingdom. After thinking for a brief moment, Birbal confidently gives a random number as an answer. Akbar is surprised at the answer and asks what if the actual number is larger or smaller than claimed by Birbal. Being his witty self, he replies “If the actual number is less, then some crows might be visiting other kingdoms. And if the number of crows in more than my number then some crows from other kingdoms might be visiting us!”


  1. The Midas Touch – This story is short, has a great moral, and did we mention it is really short? Once a greedy man chanced upon wishing from a fairy. He wished “All that I touch should turn into gold”. The good fairy granted him the wish. As soon as the man reached home and tried to eat an apple, it turned into gold. Still excited about the wish, he turned to his daughter to share the good news. But the moment he touched his daughter, she too turned into a golden statue. The man started repenting his mistake and begged the fairy to take away the wish forever.


We hope we have your sleep sorted out for a short while, with these stories for your little one!

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