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Do you feel unsatisfied with your sleep quality every morning? Are you tired and groggy instead of feeling refreshed and recharged when you step out of bed? Is the snooze button on your alarm the annoying morning friend that’s disrupting your sleep?

It doesn’t need a Sherlock Holmes to figure out that you aren’t sleeping right.
Here are 5 ways you can turn this around and make sleep work for you!
Schedule your day around sleep

Did you know that humans are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep? When we begin to understand the importance of sleep in our daily lives, we learn to make it a priority. Just like you keep some time aside for an appointment/meeting, your sleep should be a part of your daily schedule that remains consistent. Do this, and you’ll see a change in your overall well-being overnight.

Wake up without the snooze button

We know that getting out of bed can be a drag, especially now that winter is coming! The latter part of our sleep stage just before you wake up is called the REM sleep (or dream sleep) that has a restorative effect on your body. When your alarm keeps going off every five minutes, it interferes with a crucial stage of your sleep cycle, ensuring you don’t get deep, restful sleep. That’s why you feel tired and irritable when you wake up.

Pull the plug

We mean this, both literally and figuratively. Pull the plug from all your electronic devices a few hours before you sleep. You’ll thank us for it. The blue light emitting from your phones, laptops, computers, televisions etc make your brain feel active and disrupts your bedtime routine. It’s equally important to pull the plug on your daily activities to relax and be calm before bedtime, this unwinding process makes falling asleep faster.

Fake it till you make it

There will be instances when you struggle to fall asleep, and that’s okay. What’s important is to not use this as an excuse to watch some television or browse social media. The easiest way to fall back asleep is to pretend like you’re sleeping and before you know it, you’re in deep, restful slumber.

Avoid the clock

It’s easy to start panicking when it’s nearing 3 am and you still haven’t fallen asleep. You look at the clock ticking away wondering when will you drift off. The panic, anxiety and desperation to fall asleep is exactly what’s keeping you away from getting restful sleep. Do yourself a favour and don’t look at the clock, focus on getting sleep and you’ll be out like a light.

Here’s a secret, setting yourself up for quality sleep is key to accomplishing more during the day. Maintain a journal to write down your thoughts, so that your mind isn’t racing when you’re trying to doze off. Being consistent in your habits when unwinding after a tiring day and sleeping on an orthopedic mattress can make all the difference between a restful night and a restless one. Simple mindfulness and consistent habits is the key to get extra, uninterrupted and blissful sleep everyday for your overall well being.

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