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With everything that has transpired this year, getting a good night’s sleep is no easy task for most of us. The desire to get that blissful sleep is building a new type of sleep anxiety from the stresses of sleep disturbances such as struggling to fall asleep and waking up in the middle of the night, making you lethargic, groggy and unable to work with the fullest concentration the following day. 

Snoozing shouldn’t be so difficult, especially if you suffer from minor anxiety, which is why we have 5 tricks that’ll help you overcome your worries and make drifting off to dreamland that much easier.

Don’t Force Yourself To Sleep

We know this may sound counterproductive, after all this blog is meant to get you to sleep and not keep you awake, but forcing yourself to sleep may be exactly what’s keeping you awake. So if you’re tossing and turning for over 20 minutes, get out of bed and do something relaxing like reading a book or soothing music.

Slow Your Breath, Slow Your Mind

Unless you absolutely have to, avoid taking any sleep medication. Controlling your breath is the most natural form of relaxation for your body that’ll help you unwind. Try this little exercise of breathing in deep for 4 seconds and releasing it slowly and keep repeating it until you feel yourself relax.

It’s Okay To Worry

Trying to avoid thoughts that make you worry can simply add to your stress. Things that make you worry are best accepted so that they can be dealt with. Schedule a ‘worry time’ sometime in your day where you reflect on everything that concerns you and how you can overcome it. This will help you deal with your thoughts and will make you sleep better.

Focus On Helping Others

A neat trick to keep your stress levels under control is to focus on others, whether it’s simple volunteering work or just being polite and respectful. The less conflicts you have throughout your day, the more relaxed you’ll feel when you’re about to fall asleep.

Maintain a Sleep Journal

We know that doing a bunch of things just to sleep is tiring, but if you consistently experience sleep anxiety, maintaining a journal can help you identify your triggers to find an effective workaround. Keeping track of your activities before you doze off can help you identify what works for you and what doesn’t.

The relationship between sleep and anxiety is bidirectional, which means sleep problems can cause anxiety and anxiety can cause sleep problems. Remember that mild anxiety is normal and just a part of life, but if the problem escalates, its best to seek professional help. Unwinding your day should be a relaxing process, which is why we recommend the SleepyCat latex mattress to get you the optimal body support for you to doze off as soon as you hit the bed and enjoy a blissful, relaxing and uninterrupted sleep.

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