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What’s the Best (And Worst) Position To Sleep?

Sleeping on the back is just so right
Sleeping on your side is still alright
Sleeping like a baby is better to stay away
Sleeping on your stomach is the worst they say!


The little rhyme points that sleeping position is not just your partner’s problem, but can also be your problem if you are the one to sleep on your stomach or in a fetal position. Well, obviously!


An interesting study conducted in the UK on sleeplessness says that about 67% of the respondents who faced sleeplessness said that it was due to the discomfort of a bad sleeping position. Now that’s a big number!

So here we bring to your attention, the four positions that sleep can be broadly classified into, with their benefits.



Sleeping on the back

The ideal image that comes to our mind of someone sleeping soundly on their back is that of Kumbhakarna from Ramayan who slept through all the noise and chaos around him. He could sleep off for six months and go off to war right after, because he slept in the best position. Food for thought!


Sleep experts of the modern day also tout this as the best position. This sleep position supports the whole body and neck with the pillow and mattress and voila, no pain in the back and neck! It also reduces the occurrence of acid reflux. Plus, this position keeps the facial muscles relaxed and minimizes wrinkles to preserve your youth longer. However, this is not the best position for snorers.


Sleeping on the side

Pregnant women, here is a news flash for you. Sleeping in this position increases the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta, so it is the most recommended position if you are carrying a baby. It also prevents pressure on the liver. For the rest of you, experts do not advise this position.



Fetal position for sleeping

You might be very comfortable in it if this is your favorite position, however, experts don’t recommend it since it can put unnecessary pressure on the spine. It can add woes to people with arthritis, as it can increase the pain in their knees.



Sleeping on the stomach

Sleep experts rate this position as the lowest. One can argue that it is beneficial for those who snore. But let us tell you, that is the only benefit that one can derive out of this position. Start counting the drawbacks here. The back and neck have no support in this position, alleviating the pain in these areas. Next, the natural curve of the spine is compromised on, while sleeping in this position. To top it all, experts also say that sleeping on the stomach may increase the occurrence of wrinkles on the face. We got your attention now, didn’t we?


Is your Mattress Comfortable?

There are a variety of mattresses available, like memory foam, orthopedic mattress, latex, innerspring and a hundred more to choose from. While each offers its own set of pros and cons, you owe it to yourself to get a basic understanding of each. To get the best of all worlds, choose a mattress that is firm enough to be supportive and simultaneously soft enough to conform to your body shape. Keep an eye out for a mattress that helps keep you cool at night and catch sleep sooner (without any partner disturbance).


While shopping for one, pick a mattress online to avoid cost overheads and the one that offers at least 15-nights trial before committing, hence, SleepyCat with a lot more!

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