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Best Indian Shows To Watch On Netflix Now

Ever since Netflix has opened it’s doors to India, we’ve seen a flood of great Indian produced content going up.  And take our word when we say that there some shows that you just cannot miss!

However, with such a humongous variety, it’s quite cumbersome to scroll through all the content. The snacks and treats are all ready to be attacked – the curtains just have to go up first! Relax, no fret. We are here to ensure your happy watching.

So, sit cross-legged, loll

around or just lie back on your Sleepy Cat mattress with your near ones.  Feel pampered by deluxe luxury, while we present the best Indian production shows to watch on Netflix. Also, watch the much-loved list of Best Movies on Netflix available now.






Little Things
The first part attracted a lot of attention for its realistic, charming and utterly convincing depiction of life today. You would have related to the problems the attractive lead characters, Kavya and Dhruv, encounter. Season 2 of the show, too, draws on the awesome chemistry between the protagonists, played by Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal. It is a more matured take on relationships and the little things, the adjustments that give us the most happiness.


Selection Day
It is the story of two brothers, both talented cricketers. Their father will do anything to make them play for the Indian side. He drags the kids to Mumbai and places them in a school just so that he can get the best cricket coach for the boys

Selection Day depicts India’s obsession with cricket, the commodification of education and the acute parental pressure on kids. A fast-paced and engrossing watch



Watch this Malayalam movie with excellent subtitles. Worth watching for its offbeat theme.

The female lead, Pallavi wants to fulfill her dream of becoming a pilot and flying commercial airliners. She trains and qualifies to fly.

But her dreams come crashing around her when she is a victim of an acid attack by an obsessive former boyfriend who resents her career.  This is an uplifting gem of a movie on Netflix.



This one is a crime drama centered on narcotics smuggling. A team of narcotics bureau sleuths gets cracking on a mission to bust the drugs business. They go after the peddlers and traffickers.  in a riveting drama. This show was made before the other series on Netflix, “Narcos”

This show is a treat to watch with all the acting chops on display. Manish Choudhary, Pankaj Tripathi, Rasika Duggal are part of the cast.


Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyan

To top off all this scintillating entertainment, try some delicious cooking show. Watch hot kachoris rising from a pan of hot oil, or simply imagine that mind-blowing rabri pouring on hot jalebis. Join the show to celebrate and salivate over the cuisine in India.

The list gets bigger in this lip-smacking discovery of royal cuisines and the encounters with local cuisine. Find out how these influence your kitchen

And, yes, go buy a Sleepy Cat Mattress Online as part of your festive shopping.


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