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Break your Holiday Sleep Hangover

The celebration and holiday planning sword is hanging over our heads, with New Year’s just around the corner. Holidays are special because of the all the binge eating, meeting the relatives, buying gifts, dressing up, shopping and all other merry making. But holiday celebration is a package, that comes along with holiday burn-out, stress and sleep cycle mess up.


Millennials have a definite acronym for that and it’s termed as a Sleep Hangover. Sleep deprivation after a long holiday chaos is called a Sleep Hangover. During the holidays, sleep is easily left out of the schedule, and you face symptoms such as sleeplessness, headache, nausea, dry mouth and sensitivity to light, similar to the “other hangover.

As they say, without enough sleep we are all just two-year-olds. Now nobody wants to experience “terrible twos”, so here are a few tips to prevent a hangover and remedies to recover faster:


  • Establish regular sleep time- Going New Years shopping one night and then night Party hopping the next night, sounds like a common holiday routine. However, such fluctuating sleep timings, for days in a row makes the sleep hangover worse and further impedes sleep. Power yourself up by taking the next few days a little easy and believing in the power of a fixed sleep time, for the complete family. Now this is a new year resolution for the keeps!


  • Stop using Gadgets an hour before you sleep- Your mom has nagged you for putting away screens, most of your adult life. Now is the time to listen to her. An hour before you sleep ensure that all gadgets, yes your smartphone too, are kept away. Replace gadgets with books, music or a conversation with your family.


  • Keep your schedule easy- You can’t continue as a party animal if you are suffering from a sleep hangover. Schedule some downtime for the complete family post holidays.  Keep your schedules fairly easy so that you have time to unwind and relax.


  • Re-build your bedtime routine- Routines, especially sleep routine, go for a toss when we have guests or too many social engagements. Re-establishing this routine is a key to getting good sleep. Your routine may be as simple as a bath, some music, reading a book or drinking a glass of warm milk. But that cues the body that its time to log off. Ensure that you get back to these simple rituals as soon as possible to cover up the accumulated sleep debt.


  • Avoid daytime naps- Power naps or relaxed afternoon naps are oh so tempting! But, having a nap in the daytime will result in delayed sleep at night and that is a vicious cycle you want to keep away from. So, don’t opt for catching your forty winks during the day. Instead, opt for your full 7-8 hours of beauty sleep at night.


Follow these simple tips, become friends with your mattress again and get over your sleep hangover!


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