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Can Music Really Help You Sleep Better?

We all have a music playlist to match our mood. A separate playlist for heartbreak, love, dance, birthday, wedding and of course romance. But did you know one can have a separate playlist for sleep as well. Research says that certain kind of music helps induce sleep and improve sleep quality.


Music Trivia: Michael Jackson or Ed Sheeran, whose music would put you to sleep?


You are right, Ed Sheeran! In a poll conducted by a music streaming service, users were asked to vote for top 20 songs that helped them sleep. They found that Ed Sheeran was the most preferred artist. Guess he knows the “shape of you and your sleep”!


Here’s the real top 3 reasons why listening to certain music is good for sleep.


  1. Music helps you relax


Studies have proven that listening to music helps an individual relax. Classical and slow music has seen to be more beneficial in making eyelids droopy. Raise your hands if you agree! Night is the time when we usually reflect on our day and stress about our problems. Listening to music is a good distraction and helps relieve tension. It is also seen that listening to music lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, slows your breathing, relaxes the nervous system, and eases muscle tension.


  1. Music helps control levels of hormones


When we are stressed our body releases higher levels of the hormone “cortisol”. Music slowly reduces the release of this hormone, resulting in helping us feel relaxed. Similarly listening to music has seen to release the hormones oxytocin and serotonin, which are sleep-friendly hormones. Amazing, isn’t it!


  1. Music helps one fall asleep faster


It is seen that listening to soothing music improves your ability to fall asleep faster as well as improve the quality and length of REM sleep. It is largely because music helps you relax and helps in the release of appropriate hormones that can result in people sleeping better.


What kind of music help you catch better Z’s?


We shouldn’t have to tell you to steer clear of Rock and Bhangra music if you are trying to sleep. Sleep experts suggest that you listen to classical, folk or slow music. Ideally choose music with 60-80 BPM (beats per minute). Why? Because as we fall asleep our heart rate slows down and often falls down to 60 BPM. So, listening to music in this tempo range helps sync your heartbeat to the sleep zone and help relax.


How long to listen to music?


While this depends on personal preference and needs some trial and error, experts suggest listening to music 30-45 minutes before sleep time. However, some people like soft music being played in the background the whole night to block out unwanted sounds or out of emotional need. Bottom line is – music helps you sleep!




Go invest in a SleepyCat memory foam mattress, some good speakers and a relaxing sleep playlist to enjoy a deep slumber!

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