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Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom Sleep-friendly

At some point in time, we all treat our bedrooms and beds as a personal dump yard. And then we complain about frequent tossing and turning in bed, finding it difficult to get some good shut-eye.
This is all because the most ignored sleep hygiene is the “Sleep environment”. You might be practicing a religious night-time routine, exercising regularly, eating the right foods before sleep, but if you have not been treating your bedroom right, then like any relationship, you get what you give.

Here we suggest a few easy ways to make your bedroom more sleep-friendly and improve your status quo with sleep.


Make a comfortable bed

Do you think it’s time to change your mattress? Do you wake up with body stiffness or pain? Do you wake up often at night and feel unrested in the morning? Does your mattress have dents and lumps? Then it might be time to replace your mattress. Experts recommend replacing a mattress every 7-8 years, as it wears out, gets compressed, thin or lumpy, which can badly affect your sleep and your orthopedic health.

Choose a mattress that provides orthopedic support and relieves pressure points that causes body aches. Your mattress should keep you cool through the night and prevent motion transfer. Sleepy Cat Mattress checks on all these boxes and more. You can buy mattress online without any hassle and get it delivered right to your doorstep in a box with a generous return policy and affordable price. This will help you keep cool even during the day.

Keep your bedroom dark

Every living being is programmed to sleep when it gets dark (unless of course if you are a vampire). Optic exposure suppresses the body’s production of melatonin, the “sleep hormone”, which is responsible for regulating the internal clock for the sleeping and awakening cycle. Low levels of melatonin can disrupt or even prevent sleep.

Turn off bedside lamps and any screens for better sleep. Try putting drapes to avoid any brightness from outside or opt for a blackout curtain.

Get rid of unnecessary clutter

When you are surrounded by unnecessary clutter, it sends visual stimuli to the brain that your life is out of control. Clutter can eventually lead to stress, disturbed sleep, and even insomnia. Yes, your mom was right when she said to clean your room before bed. Make your bedroom organized and neat. This might be a good way to keep off the allergens too.

Keep your room quiet and fragrant

Noise is a big distraction when you are trying to sleep. If you have noisy neigbours or neighbourhood, consider adding some sound machine to your room that emits soothing, sleep-inducing sounds and enhances the ambiance.

Music is a stimulus to relaxation as much as aromatherapy. Certain aromas help you calm down, relax and ease sleep. The most preferred sleep-inducing aromas are lavender and vanilla.

Say No to Electronics

No matter how difficult it is to ditch those devices, keep those sleep robbing devils out of your bedroom. It includes TV, laptop, mobiles, game consoles and e-readers that are meant to keep you awake and engaged.


Sleeping has innumerable health and mental benefits. That’s why you should make sleep a priority and create the right environment in your bedroom  So you wake up ready to win every day!







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