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Garfield’s Monday Survival Guide

Mondays are not a joke! We don’t want to touch a raw nerve by telling you what Monday Blues are, so straight to some expert tips to get you through the day without causing serious damage or injury to anyone –

  1. Rise, but no need to shine – We understand that the world can be a pretty sad and rough place on Mondays. Rising up from the bed can be a battle in itself, and you don’t need to make it harder by deciding to shine on Monday. So just wake up, brush your teeth if you have to and get on with “life”.

  1. Spare the bed – Naps are called “power naps” for a reason. Since you will need to re-energize yourself from time to time on a Monday, no need to make the bed! Roll out of your SleepyCat mattress, but don’t say goodbye because you will be meeting it again soon.

  1. Don’t shower– There are dozens of items available to make you look pretty and smell wonderful, which does not have to involve water and jolting. Put them to good use and save water!

  1. Declare Monday as the cheat day – Eat lasagna, or aloo paranthas, whatever does the trick for you. If you are done with the cheat day early on in the week, you don’t have to keep worrying about it the whole week.

  1. Exercise can wait – You didn’t gain weight in a day and you can’t lose it in a day either. “Tomorrow will be a better day”, keep repeating it to yourself! For all those who didn’t know, sleeping helps you lose weight.

  1. Make a motivational playlist – If it’s the Monday after a long weekend or holidays, you need more than just aloo paranthas to get you going. Make a motivational playlist that lets you see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  1. Work from home – While it is called “work from home”, you don’t have to take the “work” bit very seriously. Try it, it works!

  1. Reward yourself hourly – For every hour you make through the day being productive, without dozing off, or killing anyone, treat yourself with small rewards. It could be a small nap, a candy bar or an episode of the Netflix series.

  1. Stay Calm, think positive – There is no need to make a big deal about Mondays and fresh starts. You are mourning over the loss of a weekend and you are expected to do too much too early on in the week. All you need to do is to keep the positive vibe going! Look at the brighter side-
    1. Don’t cook, it will all be flushed out tomorrow.
    2. Your boss only knows one side of you. The other side is smart and intelligent.
    3. “Laundry finished” is a myth. The more you do, the more there will be to do. Let it go.
    4. Even movie stars have bad hair days, it’s not a big deal!

  1. Kick an “Odie”– Call a friend like Garfield’s friend Odie and insult him/ her. That sure will pick you up, no matter how low you are feeling.

These are some tried and tested tips that helps to fight against the Monday bullying! Be brave!

Garfield  has a lot planned for your lazy buns!

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Till then, see you on the other side of Gym. Have a purrrfect sleep!

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