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Global Sleep Survey Ranks Indians as Best Sleepers

And the Best Sleeper Award goes to…India!

Amongst 27 countries who participated in the Global Sleep Survey, Indians have been found to enjoy the most restful sleep, leaving behind China in 4th place and the US in 5th . While sleep satisfaction, patterns and times greatly vary from country to country, this survey highlights if the country is getting enough sleep or not and India ranks top in getting a “good night” sleep.

Around two-thirds of the Indian population accepted that they get enough sleep, which is an excellent score compared with countries like Japan and South Korea, where only one-third of the populace sleeps enough. Socio-economic growth of any country is eventually hampered when its citizens are sleep deprived.

All over the World, on an average people sleep 6.8 hours at night during the weekdays and 7.8 hours on the weekends. Ideally eight hours of sleep is recommended each night, but more than 60% adults sleep longer hours on the weekend (we know the reasons) to make up for the sleep deficit.

Such survey findings are eye-openers for many and people are beginning to accept that sleep is crucial. However for many, achieving good quality sleep is an intangible goal. Let’s settle down to understand what impacts our sleep and sleeping habits (also known as sleep hygiene) and what can help us sleep better and longer.

Impacts of Quality Sleep
Lack of sleep does not just make you feel grumpy, it also affects your –

  • memory,
  • appearance,
  • weight and
  • overall health.

Alarmingly, the mortality risk increases by 13% if you are sleeping less than 6 hours a night as compared to those lucky ones who sleep around 7-9 hours.

62% of adults worldwide feel that they toss and turn, and find it difficult to sleep well and quickly when they go to bed. Good news is, the awareness around the importance of sleep is improving throughout the globe and people are beginning to take their sleep health on priority. However striving to find the balance between the right sleep environment, lifestyle, and work pressure, makes it a little difficult.

Effects of Sleep Environment

As per the survey, a surprising 80% global population wants to improve the quality of their sleep. Are you one of them?

After lifestyle factors, sleep environment is the second most crucial factor of the top five issues that can improve an individual’s sleep. Sleep environment is the physical space where you sleep such as your bedroom, on your mattress . What’s worse is that about 35% of adults fall asleep everywhere else except on their bed. Why? Well, it could be that their bedroom is not “sleep friendly”.

Just FYI – If you have your mattress to blame, then give Sleepy Cat Mattress a free 30-day trial.

Another interesting survey result states that more than 40% adults globally experienced their sleep getting worse in the last 5 years, whereas only 26% said their sleep has improved (maybe they made an effort to change their sleeping environment). While about 31% of adults felt their sleep hasn’t seen any noticeable change.

Tell us how well you sleep!


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