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How to Choose The Right Mattress For Your Infant

The term “all-nighter” has a whole new meaning when you are a new parent. Sleep-deprived, working round-the-clock and adjusting to the changes in life and body, you crave for a good night’s sleep. And if you are wondering on how the heck to get your little tot to sleep through the night, safely and comfortably then this guide is for you!

Choosing the right mattress and calming place for your baby will ensure that both parent and child catch on the Z’s and are not cranky anymore. The safest place for your infant to sleep is a crib or cot bed with the mattress that fits the bed without any gaps.

Factors to keep in mind, while choosing the right mattress:

Selecting the right baby mattress can be a daunting task. We are here to help as you make this life-altering and sleep nurturing transition. So let’s check out some critical pointers here-

  1. Firmness

Infant’s mattress should be slightly firm for better maneuverability and balance of the child. If the mattress is too soft, there is a risk of your baby sinking into the soft surface. It should be comfortable and cushiony enough for your little one to quickly drift off to sleep. The Sleepy Cat Baby Mattress is the right firm for balance and comfort and scores 7 on Firm-O-Meter scale.

  1. Waterproof and Washable zipper cover

Baby mattress must have a waterproof cover, for obvious reasons. However, the cover must be soft to avoid rashes developing on the delicate baby skin and it should be breathable and washable too. Certain mattress covers are however not removable, making hygienic cleaning difficult. The SleepyCat mattress cover is made of soft terry cotton, a breathable fabric which can be unzipped for wash routines and to avoid the baby smelling funky.
The cover is completely washable.  Just unzip it, hand or machine wash the cover with warm or cold water on a gentle cycle, Let it dry and zip it back on. That’s it!


  1. Made with Organic foam

For a child’s sensitive body, always choose natural over chemical-based products, especially for families where allergies are a concern. Latex mattresses are known for being durable, natural and healthy. Mattresses made from chemical and allergen-free natural materials such as bamboo or latex will be naturally anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking and breathable. Sleepy cat 4″ latex foam mattress for babies is 100% organic, hypo-allergic and anti-microbial.

  1. Anti-skid base

A child’s mattress must be made of the skid-free base fabric so that when the child is moving, s/he should feel a sturdy grip and a sense of hold. The Baby feeling slippery on the mattress, is something you should be wary of, to keep the little one safe.

  1. Size of Mattress

If you already have a crib or cot, the mattress should fit snugly, with minimal space around the edges. Check the dimensions carefully before buying one, to make sure it fits correctly.

  1. Naturally cooling

Since the baby spends so much time on his/her bed (or at least how you wish), it should be breathable and naturally cool. Anti-microbial holes allow the air to be circulated in and out of the mattress, allowing odors to escape and keeping the surface fresh and cool.

So, what should we buy?

Catching up on much-needed sleep is on every new parent’s bucket list and SleepyCat’s Baby Mattress is the latest, plush mattress crafted keeping in mind the little one’s health needs and safety.

SleepyCat wishes your baby sweet dreams and happy mornings, ready for the roller coaster day ahead.

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