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How To Keep Your Mattress Purr-fect

We obsess about looking like a Sleeping Beauty who has just woken up from her dreams or a handsome hunk ready to conquer the world in the morning. But of course, most of us don’t like to put a lot of energy into how or where we sleep, to get that Bollywood beauty or freshness in the morning!

Let us clear the air around it! It is not rocket science, that you need years to master to keep your mattress clean and maintain it’s effectiveness. Easy tips can even help you improve the life of your mattress.

Follow these simple recommendations to care for “something”, you get cozy with, every night –

  1. Rotate It – Even the manufacturers endorse flipping and rotating the mattress twice a month, in order to even out the wear.


  1. Don’t Jump – Keep the jumping monkeys away from your bed. Jumping is neither good for kid’s head, nor for the mattress. It can damage your memory foam mattress badly.


  1. Keep it Hygienic and Dry – Vacuum is a good option for beds. Regular brushing removes the dust settled on the mattress. In case of stains, quickly dab it. Do not use excess water, moisture retained can turn your mattress into a party place for mold.


  1. Spot clean – Yeah we know how much you like breakfast in bed, but what if something spills off to the bed? You should spot clean the mattress with mild upholstery cleaner, or homemade solutions, such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, etc. If you spilled something oily or greasy, use an enzyme cleaner.


  1. Keep it smell free – You apply deodorants and perfumes to smell lovely, and ignore the place where you spend around 8 hours everyday. No we are not asking you to use deodorizer for your mattress. Use widely available Baking Soda to zilch the smells. Sprinkle the spot with baking soda and let it stand for a good 20 minutes. This will absorb the foul odor.


  1. Mattress cover should be breathable – While sleeping, our body does ample processing inside, which causes mattresses to collect moisture. Sleepy Cat mattress comes with built-in cover, that is hand-crafted premium quality, with high GSM for the desired finesse, comfort and flexibility. The tiny holes make it soft and breathable. It comes wrapped in a smart zipper cover, which can be easily removed for spot cleaning.


  1. Use a Proper Bed Frame – Your mattress requires a good foundation, like your core strength. A sturdy quality bed frame provides support to the mattress on all sides and center and prevents the mattress from “bowing” in the middle.


  1. Carry it Carefully – Mattresses are heavy and moving them require a big hand. While rotating or moving it, make sure good number of people support it. Specially while moving places, don’t just strap it on top of car or truck or make it stand. It should be transported well supported.


While cleaning up this New Year, throw away the old mattress that doesn’t serve its purpose anymore. For a fresh buy, SleepyCat mattress is a real value for money. SleepyCat offers orthopedic memory foam mattress, a perfect combination of cooling, comfort, and support. You can buy this mattress online, get it shipped in a box for free and experience it for 30 days free trial. Could you have asked for more?

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