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How to switch from being a Night Owl to an Early Bird

The Garfield in you says “I don’t do mornings!”.

However, if you believe in those “healthy, wealthy and wise” people, they will go gaga about the benefits of rising early and how it made them creative and productive. This is highly debatable as night owls are considered more intelligent while Early birds are the healthy with better performance.


Sleepy Cat suggests how to turn yourself from night wolf to an early bird




Serenity – It is early morning. Complete silence in the house. No bawling kids, no television constantly blaring in the background, no muted roar of traffic. You seem to hear even distant bird calls, crickets chirping. You have all the time for yourself – time to think, time to read, reflect and truly take in the morning. Sounds like heaven?


Hail to life – Usher in the day with open arms. Say to yourself, this is a new day and a new way to look at life! This is the time of day where you offer thanks for your blessings. You have something precious – life. Pledge not to waste it and to focus your energy on developing yourself as an aware human being.


Head start – Instead of feeling the heat of the morning rush to complete the daily chores, wake up long before these deadlines so that you are not exhausted before you even start with the day! Get the kids to school, have breakfast, dress, go to work without huffing and puffing through the morning. There is no greater feeling than starting early and tacking the day head-on.


How to become an early bird


Do not jump into it – Don’t just dive in to your early bird routine. This is not military drill!   Practice waking up about a quarter hour before your normal waking time. Keep cutting off by small steps until you hit your desired EBT (Early Bird Time). We know how difficult it is to get off a Sleepy Cat foam Mattress, but your time on it will be worth more if you wake up early.


Give yourself a handicap – Allow yourself a lot of sleeping space. You just can’t carry on a late night routine and get up early too. Something will give – because you are not a rubber band. So, here’s what you do; stop slogging into the wee hours and go to bed earlier. Listen to your favorite soft music or read and woo yourself to sleep.


For whom the bells toll – A literary phrase – it’s true that your alarm tolls for only you, and you dutifully get up. Sadly this is not often so. What happens really is: your alarm rings close by you, you punch it shut and continue dozing for 2 minutes for the next 30 minutes. Simply keep your alarm away and you’ll have to get off the bed to shut it. That’s it – you’re up! Keep it simple.


Rise and Shine!

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