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Is it ok to sleep with Socks On?

Hot water kettle, warming pans, and foot stoves. Any guesses for what we are talking about? These are some of the equipment used for heating one’s feet. Thankfully, these were used in medieval times. Today we have something simpler and probably more effective. Socks!

On those cold nights when even the comforter offers limited comfort, it is this humble accessory that comes in handy. If you have been wondering about sleeping with socks is a Yay or Nay, this post is for you, that elaborates on how socks can help.

We, humans, are called endotherms, meaning, we can generate the heat that our body needs ourselves (not, all creatures have this ability). Generally, our body eliminates excess heat through the feet. However, when the body is cold, the body can pull in the warmth from the feet to heat up.

So, what happens when the feet get cold. There is a constriction of blood vessels near the feet. Due to this constriction, there is an improper distribution of heat in our body. But, when we wear socks, the blood vessels dilate and the heat is distributed evenly, thus warming up the entire body.

Keep reading! There are more benefits of sleeping with socks on. Yes, a handful of them.

1. The process of thermoregulation helps one to sleep faster. It is proven that when the feet are warm, people fall asleep sooner and sleep more soundly too.

2. Socks protect the natural moisture of the feet. Thus, one can prevent cracks and dry feet. Also, wearing socks regularly can help repair damaged feet.

3. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that warm feet bring in positive energy into the body. Amazing benefit of wearing socks. Right?

Here’s how you can make sleeping with socks a healthy and beneficial experience –

1. Use socks made of natural fibers like cotton or cashmere. The benefits of using natural is undebatable.

2. Unlike our jeans, we shouldn’t wear very tight socks, to ensure proper blood circulation.

3. Common sense says that when your feet and body gets warm, remove the socks. Overheating of the body has its own drawbacks.

4. Avoid using other heating devices in the room if you have your socks on, so that you don’t become too hot to handle. This needs to be strictly followed for babies and infants.

5. Socks that have been worn through the day to school, work or gym should not be worn while sleeping. We have reasons to believe that they might be carrying harmful bacteria.

6. In certain medical conditions, people are advised to wear compression socks. But these are not meant to be worn to bed because they are meant to move blood flow away from feet. And that’s definitely not what one wants when lying down when blood circulation is already less.

Go on and wear those socks to bed as it is completely safe if one follows the above guidelines. For many who have trouble getting their feet warm, wearing socks is a big boon.

So, it’s a big YAYY and more than ok to sleep with socks on!

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