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Keep your New Year’s Resolution by Sleeping Better

New year resolutions are the most common joke. Surveys show that about 80% of people who make resolutions drop them by February!

The image shows the most popular resolutions for 2018. Like that wasn’t enough to hurt self image, the first four resolutions are repeated year after year.

Ever wondered, why do people fail in achieving or even holding on to the resolutions beyond one, two  or three months?

Experts say the most common reason for this is lack of quality sleep. Don’t believe us? Read on to understand how sleep can affect common resolutions that we all make.

Eat healthier!
Our brain can play complex games to make us break this resolution. But, have you ever wondered why the brain sends out these signals to make you eat? Temptation is one reason, yes. But, the second most important reason is sleep.

There are two hormones that control hunger – Leptin and Ghrelin. The image shows how the levels of these hormones affect our eating patterns.




But, when one is sleep deprived, the levels of these hormones are skewed. Levels of Ghrelin are constantly high and Leptin levels are always low. Net result?

The brain sends a signal to the body that it is hungry and needs calories throughout the day. So, the body craves for food and we tend to eat more.  Thus, the resolution to eat healthy takes a back seat and we eat whatever it takes to get that feeling of fullness.

So, avoid this faux pas by ensuring that you sleep well to keep your resolution.

Get more exercise
For many, weight loss is constant, yet a lost battle. The zero-size figures and beach-ready bodies around us are pretty daunting. And many people  wish to start their year with the resolution of exercising more and looking great!

If you are someone who has started working out after many months, your body is surely going to be stressed.  it is common to experience pain after a workout session in such cases. Your body craves for sleep sometimes even during the day and you deprive it from resting which leads to two outcomes:

  • Due to the stress and pain, your body will not cooperate when you exercise. Energy levels will be low and you’ll think your work out isn’t actually “working-out” for you . Resulting in you giving up the exercise regime.
  • Sleep is very important for the body to recover. When you sleep the body builds muscle. Without sleep, this process is also hampered and you will be tired at all times.



It is no great secret that lack of sleep can affect our lives adversely. Be it your career or a new year resolution, adequate sleep is very important to achieve all your goals. So, don’t make the mistake of ignoring sleep-the best task in a day! So, go online and buy a SleepyCat mattress. You can choose from a wide range and be ensured of the Purrfect sleep!

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