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A mattress is the most used furniture in the house. On an average, we spend a third of our lives sleeping and an investment in a quality mattress can make all the difference in your snooze quality. Finding the right mattress for you is largely a matter of individual preference, but making that decision is easier when you can separate the fact from fiction about mattresses.

We’re debunking 5 mattress myths to help make mattress shopping easier for you.

Getting a firm mattress means more support

There’s no doubt that a firm mattress provides your body with support, especially spinal alignment. However, a very firm mattress causes pain on pressure points and discomfort. A medium or medium-firm orthopedic mattress should provide adequate support for most sleepers.

Expensive mattress means better sleep.

It’s a common misconception that the more expensive a mattress the better it’ll be. Mattress shopping can be expensive when a middleman is involved and the price doesn’t necessarily reflect on the quality of materials used. Choose a mattress that is comfortable and provides your body support, not what’s most expensive.

Trying a mattress in a showroom will help make your decision

Judging a mattress by how it feels when you lie on it for a few minutes at the store is not an accurate reflection of the quality of the mattress. Using a mattress for a month gives a better idea of whether it’s the right purchase for you. Pay special attention to return and exchange policy when mattress shopping to safeguard your investment.

Your mattress will feel purr-fect from day one

Your body needs time to adjust to a new mattress, in fact it may take upto 30 days to get used to sleeping on a different surface. As we sleep for 8 hours a day in a 24 hour period, our muscles get accustomed to what position feels most comfortable while sleeping, so it’s recommended to try a new mattress for at least until two weeks before returning it.

A good mattress will last a lifetime

Ideally, a mattress should be replaced every 8 years or so. The materials used in the construction of a foam mattress or latex mattress determines its comfort, support and durability. Mattresses lose their structural integrity over a period of time and accumulate dead skin cells and other fluids, which makes replacing mattresses not only necessary but also hygienic.

While buying a new mattress, it’s important to know the myths and facts to make the right purchase. Paying attention to what your body finds comfortable and supportive should be at the forefront while investing in a quality mattress, followed by price, the warranty duration, exchange and returns policy and other fine print. Your specific sleep needs are the most important factor to take into account to find your purr-fect mattress to start sleeping blissfully.

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