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SleepyCat Asks The Nation How It Sleeps

Just in time for the World Sleep Day on March 15, We’re glad to share the SleepyCat Sleep Survey results.


The survey was conducted to analyze insights into India’s sleep patterns, behaviors and bedtime habits. With knowledge about prevalent sleep issues and pain points we aim to call for action by sharing our findings and make this World Sleep Day a long and happy siesta. 

The following results are based on responses from 4112 participants, comprising of 88% male and 12% female spread across different age groups and collected over a 4-month long period.


Key takeaways

  • Sleep is not the highest priority – Only 32% of the respondents slept around 10 pm, the rest slept either around midnight or much later. While social media was the worst sleep interrupter at 36%, work pressure and mattress woes were close second and third sleep interrupters.
  • Impact of poor sleep quality – An astonishing 52% woke up feeling tired. 74% of the participants felt sleepy at work either sometimes or often. 84% of the respondents woke up at some time during the night due to various reasons. Only 18% respondents didn’t feel any body pain, rest either suffered from neck/ shoulder or lower back pain as a result of not getting enough sound sleep.
  • Understand factors that can improve Sleep – 40% believed that a better mattress would improve their quality of sleep. However, 63% respondents favored value for money over other mattress deciding factors like comfort and ease. 12% respondents also knew that regulating sleep hours can help them achieve a good night’s rest.


SleepyCat’s Recommendations for Better Sleep

Sleep is a critical factor for overall health and wellness. The way you feel throughout the day depends on how well you sleep. During your sleep, your body works to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health. Sleep deprivation and deficiency can raise your risk for some chronic health problems and also affect your mental well-being.


You can take some easy steps to improve your sleep habits –

  • Make a sleep routine and follow it strictly
  • Put away screens 3 hours prior of your sleep time
  • Avoid heavy meals and alcohol right before sleep
  • Get some exercise during the day
  • Invest in a good orthopedic mattress that provides right support and comfort.
  • Keep your bedroom environment sleep friendly factoring in noise, temperature and lighting


Wishing you a very Happy World Sleep Day. Enjoy a purr-fect sleep!

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