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The Joy Of Giving! – Baale Mane

The commitment to giving back to the society is rooted deep in SleepyCat’s core values. We understand that great sleep is a purr-ivlidge and we aim to share the joy with the less fortunate.

We along with our SleepyCat Community, try to give back to society in our own way.  In our very first year, we donated 100 mattresses to a children’s shelter home. And now we got this soul-satisfying opportunity to contribute at the Baale Mane shelter home for Girls in Bangalore.

We partnered with Global Citizen to identify the right shelter home and understand it’s requirements to finally make a difference.
A good nights sleep is the right of every child and we are glad to be able to fulfill it with the help of our SleepyCat Community.

The Baale Mane is a shelter home for up to 50 girls near Hesaraghatta, located in the outskirts of Bangalore. They provide long-term holistic care for girls who have been orphaned, abandoned or subjected to violence, neglect or extreme poverty.
Rakhi Sundar, Trustee at Baale Mane, spoke about the unique care-planning system at Baale Mane, which aims to resource the girls with the necessary life skills for their better future. They ensure basic education for every girl by sending them to schools. Once they reach the PUC level, based on their ability and interest, they are encouraged to opt for college or select their field of vocational training courses.

Take a look at the video to see how we, our mattress and our community, with the help from Global Citizen powered great sleep for those who need it the most.

Mr. Kabir Siddiq, our founder and CEO, personally went to the shelter home, to see the smiles on their faces and sparkle in their eyes. He said, “It’s such a happy feeling of giving back, these children have a lot ahead of them, we are happy to help them through the journey. We learned that mattresses are one of the top most requested items at homeless shelters, and decided to make ours accessible to everyone. With the love and support of our SleepyCat Community, we filled the entire home with our mattresses”.

As we returned to work, our hearts were full of gratitude and happiness that comes with being able to share. We would like to thank the SleepyCat community for enabling us to make this possible and hope to experience the continued support.

We understand that the biggest joy in life is giving! Don’t you agree?

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