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Tips to Protect Your Mattress During Monsoon

Raindrops keep falling on my head ….

There is nothing like that nostalgic feeling of being snuggled up in bed on a rainy day while watching your favourite movie. But did you know that the bed bugs, molds, and mildew are getting ready for monsoon too! This season means it’s party time for all and these uninvited guests could prove to be the party spoilers.

Rains affect interiors in unbelievable ways and generally wreak havoc on mattresses.

Molds and Bugs

Monsoons make rooms moist and the fine moisture breeds mold, a kind of fungus. When these descend in a damp area, they grow and can trigger allergies and health issues.

And there are always dust mites, bed bugs and other microbes which can take up a resident status on your mattress. However, you won’t just be sharing the bed with them, but as they thrive on the dead skin that you shed while sleeping, you could be breathing in their excreta as well.

Excited enough to know about safeguarding your mattress yet?

Safety for your SleepyCat mattress

As mattresses are easily affected by damp with the upsurge of these gate crashers, you could take precautions that help them to remain waterproof, stain-free and hygienic. Here are some Sleepy Cat tips to protect your mattress from the monsoons. We recommend these be applied at periodic intervals.

Removable Mattress Covers – As dust and damp are always waiting to raid territories on mattresses, we recommend cordoning off yours with a mattress protector. SleepyCat mattresses come with covers having premium features like zip around edges and high quality fabric. They can be removed fast, washed and conveniently zipped on again. Trust us – this is way better than cleaning the mattress – but, if you have to, there are easy ways to do so.

Air conditioners and fans – Leave your fan/air conditioner on for a while as the air circulation will keep the mattress moisture free and keep microbes from getting free passes to a rain dance on your mattress. Plus, this enables hands-free care. Moreover, air conditioners need only run for a short while.

Airing and dehumidifiers – If your home is air controlled with dehumidifiers, it’s even better, as the conditioned air will keep off humidity and prevent microbes from growing and spreading over your mattresses. We also recommend airing the mattress, when there is sunshine. Sunlight kills off bacteria and microbes which may enjoy illegal alien status otherwise.

Baking soda– For the perfect hands-on clean, baking soda is highly effective. It draws moisture and we advise letting it stay on for some time on the mattress. Sprinkle with a strainer, as it helps to evenly spread the powder over the surface. Then, completely vacuum off the baking soda and put back the sheets.

Flipping and drying – It is always good to flip your mattress inside the house once in a while. This ensures that your mattress remains treated both sides.

Try these suggestions for the safety of your SleepyCat mattress and undisrupted sleep.

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