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We Found The Best Gadgets for Sleep!

You don’t need to count sheep to sleep anymore! Technological advancement and sleep science have offered us with effective gadgets to sleep faster and better. Well, gadget enthusiasts might know about these devices! For the uninitiated, this list is a peep into the
world of sleep gadgets.

● Dodow: A French innovation on the lines of relaxation and Pranayama (the art of breathing). Dodow projects a soft halo light into the ceiling. All one needs to do is to synchronize their breath with the light. Result? Your breathing will come down to 6 breaths per minute, which will put you in rest mode and drift you off to sleep. Don’t believe it? Dodow manufacturers claim that its customers are sleeping 2.5x times faster after using this gadget.

● Philips hue light: You know that lights affect the way we sleep. Philips has created lights that can create the perfect light setting to fall asleep. Set your hue light to mimic the setting sun, which then dims automatically as you fall asleep. If not, you can set it to a relaxing orange. It is said that this particular colour helps in the secretion of melatonin in the sleep hormone. Want more? You can adjust the light settings to brighten up at wake up time so you can wake up naturally without an

● Calm: Calm is a paid app, that can be your BFF for sleeping. To aid sleep they offer two options. First, bedtime stories (amazing, right!) and second, music. Bring out the child in you and listen to a bedtime story to help calm down and fall asleep faster. Calm has music curated for aiding sleep. Umpteen researches worldwide have proved the right music can aid in sleeping faster. Calm’s playlist does just that and helps catch more zzzz’s. The app has many happy customers who profess about the effectiveness of both the stories and the music.

● Essential oil diffuser: Certain fragrances can promote sleep and hence the
popularity of essential oils. Lavender has calming and soothing properties that help you relax. Even Chamomile, Neroli, Cedarwood, Khus can induce sleep. Sleep experts recommend switching on an essential oil diffuser half an hour before you go to sleep. This will create a perfect setting to make your eyelids heavier.

● Dreammate sleep aid: Amazingly, ancient Chinese medicine tenets suggest that there are three pressure points on the wrist, which are positioned triangularly, called the golden triangle. Once stimulated, these pressure points increase blood flow and circulation. This, in turn, prompts the production of melatonin the sleep hormone and
one can fall asleep faster. Aptly called Dreammate, it is a band based on this concept, which can be worn on the wrist. The band emits pulses to stimulate the three pressure points in the golden triangle and induces sleep.

Sleep is meant to relax you, so don’t let it trouble you! Try the comfortable and supportive sleepy cat mattress along with one of the above gadgets to help you get the purrrfect sleep.

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Stand a chance to win a SleepyCat Neck Pillow every week!

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