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Wellness begins with Purrfect sleep

Understand how sleep impacts your 8 dimensions of wellness.

Early to bed, early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise! Is wellness simply the pursuit of health or does it involve living life fully? What is the role of sleep in your well being and how does it connect to living life to your fullest potential?

Wellness is a holistic combination of physical, mental and spiritual well being that fuels your body, engages your mind and nurtures your spirit. Every dimension of wellness is interdependent to each other and interconnected to sleep, without which wellness itself would not exist. Getting some blissful sleep, especially on a SleepyCat mattress is the perfect starting point for your journey of transformation. Let’s delve deeper into the 8 dimensions of wellness and how you can adopt them to live a higher quality life.

8 dimensions of wellness
are as below…

Physical Dimension

A well slept you is a balanced you.

Physical dimension involves getting adequate sleep, a healthy diet and regular exercise to function optimally.

Emotional Dimension

A well slept you is a compassionate you.

Emotional dimension is understanding and respecting your and others feelings, values and attitudes.

Social Dimension

A well slept you is an approachable you.

Social dimension involves contributing to your community and developing meaningful relationships with diverse groups of people.

Intellectual Dimension

A well slept you is a forever learning you.

Intellectual dimension involves maintaining your curiosity, seeking thrill and adventure, valuing lifelong learning, traveling and sharing your gifts with others.

8 dimensions of wellness

Occupational Dimension

A well slept you is a fulfilled you.

Occupation dimension involves finding satisfaction in work that aligns with your personal goals, values and lifestyle.

Environmental Dimension

A well slept you is a conscious you.

Environmental dimension involves the understanding of how your social, natural and built environment affects your health and well being.

Spiritual Dimension

A well slept you is a seeker you.

Spiritual dimension involves finding value, purpose and meaning in your life to connect with your body, mind and soul.

Financial Dimension

A well slept you is a content you.

Financial dimension involves being aware that everyone’s financial values, circumstances and needs are unique and being able to live within your means. 

Wellness is an ongoing process and a lifelong journey, by getting good night’s sleep consistently you can cultivate habits on all eight dimensions of your wellness.

We have created a personalized worksheet for you to keep track of how sleep affects your dimensions and helps you transform your life.

Download the worksheet for Sleep and YOUR 8 dimensions below

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