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What does your Zodiac sign say about your Sleep Habits?

What does your Zodiac sign say about your Sleep Habits?

If a racing mind is keeping you up at night, then you have more to blame then just your lifestyle, diet and habits.

The culprit could be your birthday! Your zodiac sign may be the reason for sleepless nights and restless morning!

SleepyCat voyages through the stars and help you understand your bedtime rhythms and share insights on what works best to induce sleep.


Aries – It refuses to endow full sleep. People born under this sign usually channel their energies in directions other than sleep. Total snooze time may be under 5 hours.

Recommendation – Soothing music


Taurus – Ruled by Venus, a symbol of physical pleasure and luxury, Taureans can sleep the entire day or even their entire lives, given a choice!

Recommendation – Try soft music or chants. Read more about how music helps one sleep better here.


Gemini – Gemini is a chronic worrier. And he takes his worries to bed. It’s hard to say how much this tribe can sleep. The sleep may descend in abundance on less worrisome days.

Recommendation – Meditate


Cancer – Ruled by the moon, Cancerians’ mood if directly affected by its phases. They have nights of peaceful rest accompanied by phases of sleepless nights. They are deeply affected by the status of their personal relationship and carry those thoughts to bed.

Recommended – Cuddle in bed with the newly launched SleepyCat pillow or using tips to falls asleep faster can help!


 Leo –   Leos enjoy a full snooze and they follow what the doctor recommends – good sleep. Leos like to go all cuddlesome before nodding off.  So if you are a Leo, get cozy in your blankets and better still enjoy good conversation with your loved one

Recommendation – The big cat can use some blackout curtains or sleep mask to create the right sleep environment with total darkness. Read more about how to make your bedroom sleep friendly here!


Virgo – Sleep doesn’t mess around too much with these Virgos. They will have their 8 hours sleep if told to. They are also health-conscious.  Only, once in a while, they tend to go to bed with a ton of worries.

Recommendation – Writing works best – preferably a journal?


Libra – Librans believe in keeping their accounts balanced: If they sleep less one night, they are sure to make up for it next day. Good for them!

Recommendation – Avoid electronic gadgets and be at peace. Find out how some sleep gadgets can help sleep better.


Scorpio – Scorpions are enigmatic creatures of the night. The dark side of Mars rules their sign and so they may stay awake all night, lost in intellectual pursuits or preoccupied with work.

Recommendation – Relax, for god’s sake!



Sagittarius – For them, life is an adventure.  Sleep is but a minor blip in their experience which they listen to when completely worn out.

Recommendation – Do not force sleep. Some bedtime teas can help after a stressed, long day.


Capricorn – Capricornians do sleep 8 hours. They will prefer it to be at a luxurious hotel. The most ambitious of all, they equate sleep with success.

Recommendation – Meditate.


Aquarius – Aquarians simply cannot wait to get up and tinker around. They tend to be on a very low diet of sleep because they bring their preoccupations to their bed.

Recommendation – Staying off work. Also learn how certain foods are good and bad for sleep.


Pisces – When preoccupied, Pisceans are at some exalted level, where they ignore physical necessities like sleep.

Recommendation – Meditation


Whatever your Zodiac sign, your best sleep inducer and bae is a SleepyCat mattress



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