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CoolTEC™ Fabric Memory Foam

Medium Firm
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Contour CoolTEC™ Memory Foam Pillow

Medium Firm
Side and Back Sleepers
Two Height Options

Cooling orthopedic pillow, with dual height options designed to reduce pressure on your neck and head.

Starts at 2,242₹ 2,989
Medium Firm
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CoolTEC™ Memory Foam Pillow

Medium Firm
All Sleepers
Medium Height

Sleep cool and supported. This medium firm pillow supports your neck and spine while keeping you 4° cooler.

Starts at 2,242₹ 2,989

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A good night’s rest starts with a comforting embrace from your pillow. A warm, cozy embrace from your pillow leads to a soothing and rejuvenating sleep. A pillow may be your closest confidant, providing you with support when you need it, relieving your discomfort, and enabling you to have a restful sleep while cocooned in comfort. Yes, this is what everyone wants, and we at SleepyCat share this sentiment. Choose from our vast selection of memory foam pillows to add comfort to your luxury.

 We make pillows with the intention of relieving your body of orthopedic stress without compromising their therapeutic qualities. We designed cervical pillows with the neck’s natural curvature in mind. In addition, open-cell memory foam was used for maximum breathability and support. We guarantee that this memory foam pillow will keep your head and neck comfortably aligned. Our standard sleep pillow is rectangular in shape, has a cover with a zipper closure that is simple to change and comes in both standard and president sizes.

Difference Between Softouch & CoolTEC™ Fabric Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam is a specific variety of polyurethane foam that has undergone chemical processing to make it viscous and elastic. This indicates that it may gradually mold to your body when pressure is applied and gradually restore its shape when pressure is released. It’s crucial to keep in mind that memory foam comes in a variety of forms and that memory foam can be blended with other foams or gels to create the several memory foam pillows available on the market.

 At SleepyCat, we presently offer two incredible pillow selections:

  • Softouch Memory Foam Pillow
  • CoolTEC™ Memory Foam Pillow

Softouch Memory Foam Pillow

To relieve neck pain and aches, we can use our SoftTouch Bamboo line of memory foam pillows. This bed pillow softly supports your head and neck while gently cushioning it, allowing you to sleep peacefully. It is rectangular in form and composed of open-cell memory foam for enhanced breathability and comfort. The honeycomb-patterned covered pillows are intended to help you sleep comfortably. They wick moisture away and keep allergies at bay. 

 CoolTEC™ Memory Foam Pillow

To alleviate your stiff mornings that don’t feel good, turn to SleepyCat for the superlative CoolTEC™ Memory Foam Pillows. Our CoolTEC™ Standard Memory Foam Pillow has two cool sides. You never experience night sweats since the fabric is 4 degrees cooler than your body temperature. In addition, open-cell memory foam was employed for maximum breathability and support. Our Regular soft pillow comes in standard and president sizes, is rectangular in form, and has a cover that can be removed with a zipper.

 The Benefit of Using CoolTEC™ Fabric Memory Foam Pillow 

Here are the benefits of our CoolTEC™ memory foam pillow so you can decide if it will help you if you struggle with head and neck pain after sleeping.

  • Alignment of the Spine

Spinal alignment is one of the numerous advantages of using memory foam pillows while you sleep. It allows your muscles to unwind properly, supports your spine naturally, and adapts to your unique shape to encourage comfortable and deep sleep.

  • Hypoallergenic & Hygienic

Memory foam pillows are made of artificial materials that are inherently hypoallergenic and prevent the growth of germs, dust mites, and fungi. This kind of cushion is ideal for people who have asthma or allergies.

  • Snoring Relief

The proper sleeping position will keep your airways open and in alignment, whilst the incorrect sleeping position will have the opposite effect. A memory foam pillow will aid in maintaining proper head and neck alignment with the spine, keeping the airways open and thereby minimizing snoring.

  • Simple to Maintain

Unlike ordinary pillows, memory foam pillows are simple to maintain. Simply take off the machine-washable cover to spot-clean any stains from the pillow. Your cushion looks and feels like new.

 Buy CoolTEC™ Fabric Memory Foam Pillow at Affordable Prices

Our CoolTECTM memory foam pillow has benefits for all types of sleepers. Regardless of the season, this pillow will continue to be soft and comfortable for you. Whether it’s a sweltering summer or chilly winter, this pillow will give the same amount of comfort and support. 

 Buy CoolTEC™ memory foam pillow online from our large selection in India at the lowest prices. SleepyCat provides excellent goods at excellent pricing with excellent service at your doorstep.