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Spring Mattress
Custom | 75 x 72 x 8 inches

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India has more than 20 standard mattress sizes as compared to just 6 in the US. Measure your mattress correctly to get the right size.Here's a help guide.
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CoolTEC™ Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep cool and supported. This medium firm pillow supports your neck and spine while keeping you 4° cooler.

An air gel memory foam for the perfect head and neck support with a removable aloe vera zipper cover

Medium Firm
All Sleepers
Medium Height
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or ₹997/month (No Cost EMI available for 3 & 6 months)
100 nights trial is not applicable on CoolTEC™ Memory Foam Pillow
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  • 1 year warranty
    1 year warranty
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Country of origin: India


CoolTEC™ Memory Foam Pillow

pillow feel
Medium Firm
good for
All Sleepers
pillow fill
Memory Foam
pillow height
  • 10.16 to 12.7 cm - Medium
  • (4 to 5 inches)
pillow dimensions
Standard Size: 
  • 63.5 x 40.64 cm
  • (25x16 inches)
President Size: 
  • 71.12 x 45.72 cm
  • (28 X 18 inches)
recommended pillow case size
Standard Size: 
  • 71.12 x 45.72 cm
  • (28 X 18 inches)
President Size: 
  • 81.28 x 50.8 cm
  • (32 X 20 inches)
cover material
CoolTEC™ Fabric
care guide
Machine Washable zipper cover
packaging & usage
Unbox & use after 24-hours
online cooltec memory foam pillow

Cooling and Supportive

Prevents neck pain by supporting your head and neck, while keeping you 4° cooler.

online cooltec memory foam pillow

Head off to great sleep, literally (CoolTEC™)

Align yourself (and your head and neck) to the best sleep of your life with our Memory Foam Pillow. Designed to be highly supportive and breathable, let’s just say this pillow is fluffing good for sleep.

Why you'll love our CoolTEC™ Memory Foam Pillow

buy online cooltec memory foam pillow

Sleep 4º Cooler

India's first pillow with CoolTEC™️ fabric, keeps you 4º cooler by drawing heat away

Highly Supportive & Comfortable

Reduces pressure on neck and spine by providing undisturbed support so that your head doesn't sink in too much like ordinary pillows.

sleepycat memory foam pillow
convenience zipped right in

So Easy to Clean

Simply remove and machine wash the zipper cover any time you feel your pillow needs a refresh.

Try our 5 questions Pillow recommender and find out which Pillow suits you best!

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Stiff neck? Let a memory foam pillow fix that

Nothing feels worse than waking up after a good night’s rest only to find your neck is stiff. Who do you blame it on? Your sleeping position? Maybe. Your pillow? Definitely. Often, using the wrong kind of pillow can spell doom for your neck, throwing it off balance and leading to stiffy mornings that feel far from good. But you can fix that easily just by switching up your pillow and opting for a memory foam pillow instead. At SleepyCat, we’ve got the best CoolTEC™️ Memory Foam Pillows for you. Let us show you what they’re all about!

CoolTEC™️ Memory Foam Pillow

Our CoolTEC™️ Standard Memory Foam Pillow features two cool sides. Don’t believe us? Well, we covered it in CoolTEC™️ fabric that runs 4 degrees cooler than your body temperature so night sweats never bother you. We’ve also used open-cell memory foam for extra breathability and optimum support. Trust us, this pillow with memory foam will keep your head and neck aligned in complete comfort. Our Standard pillow is rectangle in shape, features an easy to remove zipper cover and is available in standard and president sizes.