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Microfiber Pillows

Super Soft
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Cloud Pillow

Super Soft
All Sleepers
Medium Height

Get the luxury and comfort of a hotel pillow at home. This is supersoft, lighweight and has a smart zipper for adjusting its firmness.

Starts at 951₹ 1,189
Super Soft
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    

Cuddle Pillow

Super Soft
Side Sleepers
Expectant Mothers
4 Feet Long

Maintain good sleep posture without tossing and turning. This body pillow is super comfortable for to-be-mothers, too!

Starts at 1,591₹ 1,989
Medium Firm
    
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Slim Pillow

Medium Firm
Front and Back Sleepers
Superior Support

A pillow that supports your neck without the fluff. Perfect for those who don’t like sleeping with a pillow, but need just a little support.

Starts at 799₹ 999
    
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Travel Neck Pillow

Travel Friendly
Machine Washable
Durable & Breathable

Maintain good sleep posture without tossing and turning. This body pillow is super comfortable for to-be-mothers, too!

Starts at 998₹ 1,489

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Pillow shopping might not be as easy as you would think. A few years ago, the choice of pillows in the market was limited. But now, there are ample options to find just the right pillow for everyone. You do not have to compromise on your sleeping style anymore, and SleepyCat takes care of that by offering a variety of pillows. 

Microfiber Pillows are a great option for you if you are confused about which kind of pillow to buy. You can find microfiber pillows in a variety of types, including the ideal pregnancy pillow, travel pillow, body pillow, or cuddle pillow. These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, all within your budget. 

Why are Microfiber Pillows gaining popularity? 

Microfiber Pillows are increasingly getting popular among buyers. Whether you need a soft pillow or a medium soft one, many choices are in microfiber pillows. Here are some excellent features of microfiber pillows that make them a great choice for everyone.

  • Softness: Microfiber pillows are usually available as soft or medium soft types. So you can choose as per your preferences. The medium-soft ones provide just the right support without being too hard.
  • Affordable: Microfiber pillows are usually less expensive than cotton pillows. However, quality microfiber pillows are close to the way a cotton pillow feels without making a dent in your budget. 
  • Luxurious feel: While being budget-friendly, a good quality microfiber pillow has a luxurious feel and look to it. 

Did you know that SleepyCat’s Microfiber Pillows come in a wide range of choices to choose from?

SleepyCat’s Most Popular Microfiber pillows

Nap Pillow

This Microfiber pillow is the perfect travel partner as it is compact and can be conveniently carried anywhere. Nap with it wherever you like, on the traveling seats of trains, planes, or buses or at home. 

Cloud Pillow

This Microfiber pillow stands true to its name. It is a super soft pillow that will offer the feeling like you are sleeping on a cloud. And if you want to adjust its firmness, there is an option for that too!

Cuddle Pillow

This 4 feet long Microfiber is the perfect pillow for pregnant women. Mothers-to-be can use this cuddle pillow to sleep in their favorite position. 

Slim Pillow

This Microfiber pillow is ideal for people who do not like using a heightened pillow. If you do not like sleeping on a pillow but just need a little support, this is the pillow for you.

Why is SleepyCat’s Microfiber Pillow the perfect option for you?

If you are looking to buy a new pillow and do not know which pillow is the one for you, SleepyCat’s Microfiber pillow might just be perfect for you to get a peaceful sleep.

Here is why you should try the SleepyCat’s Microfiber Pillow today:

  • Adjustable Comfort

You can adjust the level of firmness just with a simple flick of zip in many of our microfiber pillows.

  • Soft luxurious feel

Our Microfiber pillows range from super soft to medium soft to allow you to sink into the most comfortable sleep schedule. 

  • Luxurious Material & Quality Pillow Filling

The filling of the pillow is high-quality Luxe Modal fabric which is easy to clean and feels super-soft against your skin.

  • Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic

The material of the pillow is antibacterial and hypoallergenic. It is also made up of breathable material that helps regulate your body temperature and airflow for a cool and comfortable sleep.

  • Various sizes

In addition to a wide range of Microfiber pillows, SleepyCat also offers many of these pillows in Standard and President sizes.

  • 1-Year Guarantee 

The pillow comes with a 1-year guarantee. So, use it for at least one year and see the difference it makes to your sleep. 

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

You can buy these pillows with a 1-year guarantee. However, let us warn you that before the year ends, you may be back on our website wanting more products!

Getting the dreamiest sleep has never been this easy before. Go for SleepyCat’sMicrofiber pillows and sleep like a baby.

SleepyCat offers a wide range of essentials you need for a peaceful sleep. You can find pillows, mattresses, bed sheets, and much more. You name it! We have it. Our customers can vouch for our quality. Read the reviews for yourself before shopping with us!