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Always up for a hug, the Cuddle Pillow's ingenious design aids better spine alignment for side sleepers. Cuddle pillow comes with a free pillow case.

Huggable microfiber pillow in luxe modal fabric offering neutral spine alignment for side sleepers

Expectant Mothers
Fully Machine Washable
(Inclusive of all taxes)
100 nights trial is not applicable on Cuddle Pillow
  • 1 year warranty
  • Free shipping
Country of origin: India


Cuddle Pillow

cover material
Luxe Modal Fabric for durability, breathability, and supple comfort
pillow fill
Virgin Microfiber Fill for dreamy softness
pillow dimensions
127 x 48 cm (50 x 19 inches)
recommended pillow case size
127 x 50.8 cm (50 x 20 inches)
Machine washable pillow
packaging & usage
Delivered in a carton. Simply unbox, give it a good squeeze and use it after 24 hours.
good for
Side sleepers who love a hug & expectant mothers who need support

Sometimes all you need is a good cuddle

Designed for all-night hugs, the Cuddle pillow will always be there to support you. Through good nights and bad. Filled with super light, down-alternative microfiber to support the curvature of your spine as you sleep on your side. Keep the cuddles coming.

Why you'll love the Cuddle

Complete support, no compromises

Whether you're a to-be mother or an avid side sleeper, the Cuddle's 5-foot long frame will keep you supported. Head to toe.

Light and airy minus the allergies

Offering plenty of insulation while being light as air, the virgin microfibre fill wicks moisture away to keep you cool. Plus, it's hypoallergenic. So you can forget about the dust, and just think about the dreams.

Silky smooth durability

Encased in a luxuriously soft modal fabric cover that doesn't pill or wrinkle and lasts a lifetime. So the only thing you have to worry about is how to make room for more of these in your bed.

Your instant cuddly stress-buster

What's better than a hug to melt the stress away? Studies by the National Library of Medicine show that hugs keep anxiety at bay. Just as our Cuddle pillow does, soothing you through stressful nights.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Side sleepers can have a tough time feeling supported, a Cuddle Pillow offers the support you need. Plus, studies by the National Library of Medicine show that hugs keep anxiety at bay. Just as our Cuddle pillow does, soothing you through stressful nights.

The neutral spine position, is your spine's favourite position. It's the position where your head and neck are aligned, and where they're both under the least amount of stress. What does that mean for you? You don't wake up with any aches or tensions in the morning.

Besides being cruelty-free, the Microfibre fill is also dense, giving you a soft, dreamy plush feel. It's also moisture wicking and much easier to care for.

Made to be luxuriously smooth, the Luxe Modal Fabric feels like a dream against your skin. It's easily washable so you don't need to worry about dust either.

Yes! Our Cuddle Pillow is great for to-be mothers and helps them find the perfect sleeping position and stay comfy.

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Get free hugs all night long with our maternity pillow

Up for a hug? So is our Cuddle Pillow! 5 foot long and filled with light as air virgin microfiber, our pregnancy pillow scores super high in the comfort department. So high, you might just want to cuddle with over your partner! For the uninitiated, virgin microfibre is a down-alternative that is just as soft and airy and joy to squeeze. The reason why we’ve used it in our maternity pillow is so that you get full body support as you sleep on your side – whether you’re a to-be-mom or just a side sleeper.

Why should you choose the Cuddle body pillow as your comfort companion? The answer is simple. Side sleepers and to-be-moms need to maintain proper spine alignment through the night or they can experience a lot of strain on their back due to their preferred sleeping position. The Cuddle body pillow can help prevent that by keeping your spine aligned so you can sleep comfortably and wake up comfortably too.

With our Cuddle pregnancy body pillow, you simply don’t have to worry about anything. Its crafted with hypoallergenic materials (cover and fill) so allergens stay away. Plus, it does well in the breathability department too. The fill and the cover combine to offer ample insulation while wicking mositure away, keeping you comfortable all through the night. The cherry on top? Cleaning this durable, non-pilling, non-wrinkling pillow is as easy as 1-2-3. You can simply take off the cover and add to it to your laundry load for the day, giving it a quick machine wash whenever needed. Oh , and did we mention that our body pillow for pregnancy can reduce anxiety? Just give it a hug as you sleep to feel all your worries melt away.

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