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Discovering the Ultimate IN BED Yoga poses for a productive morning

June 14, 2023 | Written by SleepyCat Team

Rise and shine, dear readers, for today we embark on an extraordinary journey that blends the tranquil art of yoga with the cozy sanctuary of our beds. Welcome to a realm where tranquility meets productivity, where the soft embrace of our mattresses becomes the canvas for a morning ritual that sets the tone for an exceptional day ahead. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of in-bed yoga poses, unlocking the secrets to a revitalizing morning routine that will ignite your body, awaken your mind, and unleash your ultimate potential. Prepare to discover the most blissful, empowering, and downright transformative yoga poses, carefully curated to turn your bed into a sanctuary of wellness. Get ready to embrace a new level of self-care and productivity, as we unlock the hidden power of the ultimate in-bed yoga practice.

The Rise and Shine Stretch:

Begin your quest for a productive morning by gently awakening your body with the Rise and Shine Stretch. From the comfort of your SleepyCat mattress online, elongate your arms overhead while stretching your legs, providing a delightful full-body stretch. As you feel the tension release, imagine the plush comfort beneath you, courtesy of SleepyCat’s premium materials that embrace you like a cloud.

The Zen Morning Twist:

Breathe in tranquility and twist away the remnants of sleep with the Zen Morning Twist. Lie on your back, bring your knees towards your chest, and let them gently fall to one side while keeping your shoulders grounded. Feel the gentle support of your SleepyCat best mattress as you immerse yourself in this revitalizing pose. Remember, SleepyCat’s innovative design ensures optimal spinal alignment, offering you the perfect balance of comfort and support.

The Energizing Cat-Cow:

Awaken your inner feline energy with the ever-rejuvenating Cat-Cow pose. As you sink into your SleepyCat bed mattress, move through the fluid motions of arching your back like a stretching cat and then curving it like a contented cow. Feel the premium foam layers of your mattress respond to your body’s contours, providing a custom-tailored experience for unparalleled comfort.

The Morning Warrior Pose:

Channel your inner strength and focus with the Morning Warrior Pose. From the cozy confines of your bed, rise onto your knees and stretch your arms overhead, envisioning the radiant energy of the rising sun. As you find balance and stability, let your gaze rest upon your SleepyCat Ohayo bed frame, an ideal companion for your supportive mattress, as it effortlessly combines style and durability.

The Blissful Savasana:

Complete your morning ritual by surrendering to the tranquil embrace of Savasana. Lie on your back, legs extended, and arms gently resting by your sides. Allow your body to sink into the sublime comfort of your SleepyCat comfy mattress online, enveloped in their breathability and pressure-relieving qualities. Feel the worries of the day melt away as you find solace in this ultimate state of relaxation.


Congratulations on unearthing the secrets of in-bed yoga for a truly productive morning! As you integrate these invigorating poses into your daily routine, don’t forget to explore the world of SleepyCat products, designed to optimize your sleep sanctuary. From premium mattresses to a variety of pillowsSleepyCat provides a comprehensive range of sleep essentials that complement your pursuit of tranquility and productivity. Remember, investing in your sleep is an investment in yourself.

So, arise each morning with a sense of purpose, let the gentle stretches and invigorating poses awaken your body, and let the comfort of SleepyCat products nurture your sleep sanctuary. 

So, dear reader, embrace the transformative power of in-bed yoga and SleepyCat products, and unlock the true potential of your mornings. May each day be filled with renewed energy, focus, and peaceful slumber. 

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