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Easy Hacks to Sleep Better and Make Periods Suck Less

Periods like drama. They make a big entrance with back pain, cramps, nausea, mood swings, bloating, trouble sleeping, acne, to name just a few.

If only we could get away with some problems, we wouldn’t hate it as much. Here are some easy hacks to help sleep better and make those dreadful period symptoms suck less.

Heating pad is the best friend 

Heating pad is always a soother, something to get cosy with, in those awful period cramps. The warmth comforts the abdominal spasm and gets the blood flowing to relieve cramps.

Caffeine is the bad boy, always

It seems counter-intuitive but you should stay away from it. It’s difficult especially at those sleepy troubled times, but saying no to caffeine will actually ease your PMS symptoms. Caffeine causes the body to retain water, resulting in a nasty bloated feeling, and make cramps worse. You should rather drink herbal teas, ginger water, green tea or other healthy substitutes that add to your daily water intake.

Carry water with you

Carry your water bottle, wherever you go because it’s easier to get dehydrated during those days, and sipping water helps ease symptoms like bloating and tiredness. You may have to visit washroom a bit more, but that’s only good.

Sleep is like a panacea

During this period, the body requires more sleep and rest. Lack of sleep can lead to anxiety, restlessness and make PMS symptoms way worse. Experts recommend sleeping up to 8 hours and choose the right mattress. We recommend SleepyCat mattress that can be your perfect sleep partner to relieve pain and pressure points. It keeps you cool and comes with a mattress protector (yes!). The anti-skid base provides a sturdy grip and the gel memory foam relieves pressure while providing orthopaedic support without any transfer of motion.

Go to bed an hour earlier, just to relax your body, as it does a shit-ton of work menstruating and whatnot. Choose an orthopaedic mattress if you suffer from backache.

Exercise to elevate your mood

We are not asking you to run or do an intensive workout, just a light walk, few stretches and yoga can really elevate your mood and energy levels. With movement, blood circulation improves, endorphins release, cramps are relieved and you feel good, what else?

Always have snacks on you (some perks, finally)

Empty stomach worsens the symptoms, so plan your period snacks ahead of time. Keep food with you, of course as healthy and nutrient-rich as possible. Food rich in calcium, iron, vitamin E, magnesium and potassium, all fruits and veggies can be included. That time of the month, you can enjoy dark chocolate with more than 65% cocoa which is loaded with magnesium. Don’t get swayed, say no to super salty foods, as it retains water and causes bloating, although you may eat nuts.


These are very simple yet effective tips to make your life a little peace during those stormy days. You deserve a purrfect sleep, every day!

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