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The Original – 6 inches
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The Latex – 7 inches
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The Plus – 8 inches
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Mattress Protector
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The Baby Mattress
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SleepyCat Pillow
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Smart Base
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The Plus – 8 inch Mattress

★★★★★ 4000+ reviews
Luxurious mattress for superior comfort

A Luxurious mattress with 2 inches of Gel Memory Foam and a 6-inch-High Density Foam for that Plush Feel.

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The Plus – 8 inches

A Luxurious mattress with 2 inches of Gel Memory Foam and a 6-inch-High Density Foam for that Plush Feel.

Starts at 11,989.00

4000+ reviews
Mattress Protector
72" x 36"
Rs 789
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SleepyCat Pillow
26" x 16" x 4"
Rs 1989 Rs 1789
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  • 30 nights free trial
  • 10 years warranty
  • No Cost EMI

Purrfecting the Art of Sleeping

Our Luxurious Mattress now thicker, softer and cosier

Premium Gel Memory Foam
Washable Smart Zipper Cover
Giving Back
Non Toxic

Take a Closer Look at the
Sleepycat Plus Mattress


The SleepyCat Plus scores between 6 and 7 on our Firm-O-Meter. Softer and cosier, this one is purrfect for those looking for a mattress that is not too firm.

STEP 1: Remove everything from your mattress, keep it bare.

STEP 2: Make sure the ruler or measuring tape is flat on the mattress.

STEP 3: Measure the width and the length of your mattress from one outer edge to the other outer edge. That is, from left seam to the right seam for width, and from top head to the bottom foot for length.

Now that you know the size, let’s upgrade your sleep with SleepyCat!

To know more about mattress sizes, refer to the size chart.

Carefully slide the SleepyCat mattress out from the box, on its side. Avoid using any sharp objects to open the box as you may unintentionally slice the mattress.

Position your rolled up SleepyCat mattress on any solid or slatted foundation and remove the outer plastic wrap. Unwrap and unfold the mattress, and tear away the inner plastic.

Watch the mattress take shape. It could take upto 3 hours to fully expand and 24 to 48 hours for the mattress to rebound to its original shape.

And voila! The purr-fect mattress is ready for you!

Like anything new, your mattress may have a newish smell because it has been freshly manufactured. Please rest assured that this is normal, perfectly safe, and the smell will fade within days of using/airing.


The Original – 6 inches
The Latex – 7 inches
Mattress Protector
The Baby Mattress
Mattress Recommender
Let us help you choose your purr-fect mattress!
Let us help you choose your purr-fect mattress!

30,000+ customers love us!
What about you?


A Well Slept You Is A Purr-fect You!

A Note from the SleepyCat team
Why Choose this? Whether you're looking for a single bed size or a king-size mattress online, you won't find anything as luxurious as the sleepyCat Plus. The 8-inch Plus King Size memory foam mattress is one of the most purchased product on SleepyCat. It is recommended for those who prefer a comfy feel with moderate firmness.
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