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10 year warranty
10 Year WarrantyFor all our mattresses only - The Ultima, The Original, The Hybrid Latex and The Ortho Lite Mattress
1 year warranty
1 Year WarrantyApplicable on Baby Mattress, All Bedding, All Pillows, and Dog Beds
100 nights free trial
100-Nights TrialOn all our Standard Size Mattresses - The Ultima, The Original, The Hybrid Latex and The Ortho Lite Mattress
No Cost EmiPay zero interest with our flexible financing options
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Hotel-like comfort
Enhanced Breathability
4° Cooler

Experience deep, restful sleep with our upgraded AirGen™ Memory Foam and DeepTouch™ Pressure Technology, offering hotel-like comfort at home.

No more tossing and turning! Experience hotel-like comfort at home with our AirGen™ Memory Foam for enhanced breathability and DeepTouch™ Pressure Technology. Say goodbye to restless nights and embrace deep, restful sleep.

1. Place your brand-new mattress evenly on the bed, ensuring the logo and name are at the top and front facing.

2. Machine washable cover, simply remove and throw it in the machine for a wash. Or use a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and dirt from your mattress. Or better use a waterproof mattress protector to keep the mattress and cover protected and clean over a long time.

3. Avoid sitting on the edges of the mattress as it damages the contour of the mattress which is the main element that provides the required support.

4. Pair it with a solid foundation to prevent uneven weight distribution, which can lead to improper spinal alignment and potentially damage the mattress.

Avail 100 Nights free trial for Mattresses

Not that you’ll want to, but in the rare case that the mattress is unsuitable,
you can return it within 100-days of purchase for a 100% refund.
Note: We recommend using the mattress for at least 2 weeks to fully gauge the mattress and your sleep quality.
*Not Applicable on Baby Mattress or other Products.
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  • 10 year warranty
    10 years warranty
  • Free Shipping
    Free shipping
  • No Cost EMI
    No Cost EMI
  • No Cost EMI
    100 nights free trial
Country of origin: India

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We take care of every layer of this mattress, before it takes care of you

1. CoolTEC™️ Fabric Ezie Zipper Cover

Soft, cool (its approximately 4° cooler than your body temperature) zipper cover unzips at the top for easy cleaning. Also, makes your mattress last longer.

2. AirGen™ memory foam layer

Discover the enhanced breathability of AirGen™ Memory foam, guaranteeing airflow & heat reduction

3. High Density Foam with DeepTouch™️ Pressure

Contoured to provide precise support to different parts of your body, for deep, restful sleep.

4. Super High Density Foam for Stability

Durable, maintains the center of gravity and provides stability and structure to the mattress

5. Linen Side Walls

High quality linen, with strong knitted streaks to protect the mattress and keep it looking classy

Know your mattress

mattress feel
Medium Soft
good for
All Sleepers
100 nights free trial
100-Nights Free Trial
  • 20.32 or 25.4 cm
  • (8-inch or 10-inch)
Weight: 16 kg to 32 kg
Available in King, Queen, Double, Single and Custom Size
10 Years
care guide
Machine Washable Cover
packaging & usage
Unbox & Use After 48-Hours
Note: While our products need 24 - 48 hours to fuly regain their shape, they are ready to use within hours of unboxing

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Ultima Mattress
  • Ultima Mattress
  • Original Mattress
  • Hybrid Latex Mattress
  • Original Spring Mattress
  • Ortho Lite Mattress
Starts at 11,479₹ 13,999SELECT SIZE
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Original Mattress
  • Ultima Mattress
  • Original Mattress
  • Hybrid Latex Mattress
  • Original Spring Mattress
  • Ortho Lite Mattress
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Hybrid Latex Mattress
  • Ultima Mattress
  • Original Mattress
  • Hybrid Latex Mattress
  • Original Spring Mattress
  • Ortho Lite Mattress
Starts at 9,019₹ 10,999SHOP HYBRID LATEX

Why Choose This?

Why Choose This?

  • Experience hotel-like comfort at home with the AirGen™ Memory Foam. Sleep 4° cooler and undisturbed all night long.
  • Enjoy blissful sleep with the perfect balance of comfort & support. Now with AirGen™ Memory Foam for enhanced breathability. The Original Mattress is not too soft, not too firm – it’s just right!
  • Highly supportive orthopedic mattress that provides a firm surface feel. Pinhole Tech allows airflow throughout the mattress making it highly breathable

Height Options

Height Options

  • 20.32 cm (8-inches)
  • 25.4 cm (10-inches)
  • 15.24 cm (6-inches)
  • 20.32 cm (8-inches)
  • 25.4 cm (10-inches)
  • 15.24 cm (6-inches)
  • 20.32 cm (8-inches)



  • Top: AirGen™ Memory Foam 5.08 cm (2 inches)
  • Middle: High Density Foam 10.16 – 15.24 cm (4-6 inches)
  • Bottom: Super High Density Foam 5.08 cm (2 inches)
  • Top: AirGen™ Memory Foam 2.54 cm (1 inch)
  • Middle: Aeroflow Transition Foam 2.54 cm (1 inch)
  • Bottom: Super High Density Foam 10.16 – 20.32 cm (4-8 inches)
  • Top: Pinhole Tech Latex Foam 2.54 cm (1 inch)
  • Middle: Open-cell Memory Foam 2.54 cm (1 inch)
  • Bottom: High Density Foam 10.16 – 15.24 cm (4-6 inches)



  • Medium Soft
  • Medium Firm
  • Firm

Ideal For

Ideal For

  • All Sleepers. Ideal for those who prefer to sleep on their side and stomach & are looking for cooler and supported rest.
  • An all-purpose mattress with comfort and support for all kinds of sleepers.
  • People with orthopedic needs



  • CoolTEC™️ Ezie Zipper Cover.
  • SoftTouch Bamboo Ezie Zipper Cover.
  • SoftTouch Bamboo Ezie Zipper Cover.



  • Anti-skid base
  • Anti-skid base
  • Anti-skid base

Motion Transfer

Motion Transfer

  • Zero-partner disturbance so you don’t feel a thing.
  • Zero-partner disturbance so you don’t feel a thing.
  • The surface of this mattress has slight bounce.

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Hotel like Luxury

Elevate your comfort with AirGen™ memory foam for that hotel like feel

We know what you want. The ultimate experience of luxurious sleep in a that makes no compromises. That means an 8 inch (or 10) bed mattress that provides the cushiony, cozy feel of a hotel one, minus the sinking and plus the support. Sounds too hard to find, doesn’t it? But it is not. Presenting the SleepyCat Ultima Cooling Mattress – an 8-inch and 10-inch mattress that is the best Cooling Mattress in India and is good for back pain.

Crafted keeping your comfort in mind, the Ultima cooling mattress is the bedding mattress you need to wake up well-rested and recharged for the day to come. Explore the wonders of DeepTouch™ Pressure Technology while enjoying a cooler sleep with CoolTEC™ Fabric. Thermo Control technology keeps you 4° cooler than your body temperature. Experience tailored support through DeepPressure™ waves. And here’s the game-changer: AirGen™ with enhanced breathability that ensures airflow & heat reduction. With a medium-soft feel, allergen-free cooling, and the convenience of a Smart Zipper Cover, embrace a new era of sleep excellence. Welcome to The Ultima experience.. That’s not all. We think this is one of the best mattress for back pain in India. Do you want to know why? Because we crafted each of this 8-inch (or 10) premium memory foam mattress’s layers in support waves that cushion all the joints of your body, releasing pressure and ensuring sound sleep.

Adding more to the functionality of our best for sleep premium cool memory foam 8 inch mattress is our removable and washable cover, which unzips from the top so you can pick it up and toss it in your machine for an easy clean any time you want. Need more to love? It’s seriously our most comfortable mattress yet, no kidding. Once you try it out this cool gel memory foam mattress, you’d never want to switch to anything else. So if you’re a side or back sleeper who is tired of night sweats and is online mattress shopping right now, this mattress is it. And don’t worry about the price when compared to double bed mattress prices. We’ve kept things simple so you can enjoy the best sleep of your life without any worries getting in the way. Shop this 8-inch mattress online and get the best sleep of your life.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs

It is a new-age technology that uses 100% open-cell memory foam. This feature comes with enhanced breathability that ensures airflow & heat reduction.

Airflow is important for your mattress itself, as well. If your cooling mattress sits on the floor, consider investing in a bed foundation to improve airflow. Try to keep your bedroom cool or consider keeping your window open. Use cooler fabric for bedding such as organic cotton, bamboo or tencel.

Sleeping on a cooler mattress has numerous benefits including reducing insomnia and improving melatonin production that brings about sleep. Cooling mattress can help alleviate some of the heat the night sweats can bring on.  

Best cooling mattress like Ultima Mattress uses temperature-regulating memory foam that draws your body heat away from you and your body temperature remains lower throughout the night, improving both comfort levels and sleep quality. 

The Ultima takes about 48-hours to expand fully, although this doesn't mean you can't use it before that. Go on, give it a whirl!

AirGen™ memory foam enhances breathability, preventing heat buildup for a cooler sleep. CoolTEC™ Fabric keeps you approximately 4° cooler, reducing night sweats. Note: The fabric complements but doesn't replace an air conditioner, which depends on your preferred sleeping temperature.

Made from cold yarn, a man-made fabric, the CoolTEC™ Fabric uses Thermo-control technology to draw heat away from you and keep you approximately 4° cooler. It's been engineered specifically for a controlled, and precise feel, as opposed to natural fabrics that can't be controlled. It's within the DNA of the fabric to be cool, so you'll be sleeping cool regardless of how old your mattress is. It doesn't pill and is highly durable too, it's allergen-free since it's got a high elastic density.

"Different parts of your body require varying support. With the Ultima's support waves, you get India's first mattress with DeepTouch™ Pressure Technology. The waves are what allow the Ultima to be completely contouring, ensuring that different parts of the body receive different levels of support, which ultimately maintains a neutral spine position.