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Spring Mattress
Custom | 75 x 72 x 8 inches

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India has more than 20 standard mattress sizes as compared to just 6 in the US. Measure your mattress correctly to get the right size.Here's a help guide.
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10 Year WarrantyFor all our mattresses only - The Ultima, The Original, The Hybrid Latex, and the Baby Mattress
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1 Year WarrantyApplicable on All Beds, All Bedding, All Pillows
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100-Nights TrialOn all our mattresses - The Ultima, The Original and The Hybrid Latex
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Soft luxury meets firm support! A pillow with hotel-like softness, now with a supportive foam insert.

A luxury microfiber pillow in Luxe Modal fabric with zippers for adjustable support for all sleepers

Medium Soft
Side Sleepers
Medium Height
(Inclusive of all taxes)
or ₹667/month (No Cost EMI available for 3 & 6 months)
100 nights trial is not applicable on Hybrid Pillow
  • 1 year warranty
    1 year warranty
  • Free Shipping
    Free shipping
Country of origin: India


Hybrid Pillow

pillow feel
Medium Soft
good for
Good For:
Side Sleepers
pillow fill
Virgin Microfiber fill with a Memory Foam insert
pillow height
  • 12.7 to 45.72 cm
  • (5 to 6 inches) - Medium
pillow dimensions
Standard Size: 
  • 66.04 x 40.64 cm
  • (26 X 16 inches)
President Size: 
  • 76.2 x 45.72 cm
  • (30 X 18 inches)
recommended pillow case
Standard Size: 
  • 66.04 x 40.64 cm
  • (26 X 16 inches)
President Size: 
  • 76.2 x 45.72 cm
  • (30 X 18 inches)
cover material
Luxe Modal fabric
care guide
Care Guide:
Machine Washable Pillow* Take out memory foam insert before washing
packaging & usage
Unbox & Use After 24-hours
best hybrid pillow

Soft Yet Supportive

A perfect combination of microfiber pillow with a removable memory foam insert, giving you the best of both worlds.

Why you’ll love the Hybrid Pillow

best of both worlds

A Blisful Union Of Softness And Support

Enjoy the luxury of hotel-like softness, along with just the right amount of support. The memory foam insert supports your neck while being enveloped in luxuriously soft microfiber.

Lay Down In Luxury

Super soft & luxurious to touch, the luxe modal fabric is breathable and even more durable than cotton!

online hybrid pillow
online hybrid pillow price

Goodbye Allergies, Hello Blissful Sleep

Crafted from hypoallergenic materials so you can sleep peacefully.

Light As A Feather

What makes our hybrid pillow soft? It's our ultralight microfiber fill.

best hybrid pillow

So Easy To Clean

Cleaning the pillow is super easy! Just remove the memory foam insert and wash the microfiber pillow in your washing machine.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQs

The Hybrid Pillow is engineered to hit right the sweet spot, since it's a blend of both — the firmness of Memory foam and softness of Virgin Microfibre Fill.

Yes, you can! If you'd like your pillow to be simply soft, all you need to do is remove the Memory foam insert and zip it back.

The Hybrid Pillow is good for all kinds of sleepers. Front, back, side, or any other sleeping position you prefer.

The Hybrid Pillow is medium soft, the Memory foam insert offers some amount firmness, while the surrounding Virgin Microfibre fill offers softness. This way you get all the support you need, and some bonus luxurious softness.

Caring for the Hybrid Pillow is incredibly easy. All you have to do is unzip, remove the Memory foam insert and then throw the rest of the pillow is for a wash. Washing the pillow along with the Memory foam insert will lead to the pillow being damaged.

Try our 5 questions Pillow recommender and find out which Pillow suits you best!

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Follow your dreams, with the right pillow!

Well, we don’t want to brag but even a sloth would have been a fan if it could lay hands on our Hybrid Pillow! We crafted our Hybrid Pillow based on our complete understanding of your preferences and your dislikes. We know that sadly, sometimes, you and your pillow are not on the same page. Some pillows feel too firm. The others too soft. Where do you find that middle ground that completely balances softness, firmness and support? In short, where do you find a hybrid pillow online store? Well, it can only be found with India’s first, our one-of-a-kind Hybrid Pillow. Let us show you why you should buy our pillow online.

Made with durable luxe modal fabric for the softest handfeel, our Hybrid Pillow is the best hybrid pillow out there and will help you sleep just how you want to – in complete luxurious comfort. Coming with a non-removable zipper cover for your convenience, you can just throw the cover in the wash and get going for the day. By the time you’re back, your pillow will be waiting for you to give you the perfect sleep you’ve always longed for! As for the feel of this hybrid memory foam pillow, it is medium firm and just the right pillow for neck pain.

Why is the perfect pillow for neck pain, you ask? Because of what goes inside it. Combining the best of supportive memory foam along with soft, 100% virgin microfibre fill, this pillow makes it easier for you to get comfortable as you like it. You can add or remove the foam insert to choose your comfort. So wouldn’t you agree its the best pillow for neck pain? Then don’t deny yourself the comfort of a good night’s rest anymore. Shop our Hybrid Pillow online and be on your way to sleep like a baby, or even a sloth, or a happy cat!