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How to choose a comfy mattress online

September 29, 2022 | Written by SleepyCat Team

Just a single thought of getting into a comfy bed at night, snuggling and watching your favorite netflix show can turn your rough day into happiness. 

When you choose comfy mattress online, be sure to consider the best option for you. A good mattress will effortlessly contour to your body and provide quality support. When it comes to a restful good night’s sleep, a comfy mattress is key. A mattress that’s too soft or too firm can cause tossing and turning all night long, leading to a morning that’s anything but well-rested. Investing in a quality mattress is important not only for your sleep health but for your overall health and well-being. Additionally, if you have any back or neck pain, a comfortable mattress can help alleviate some of the discomforts. Finally, if you tend to get hot at night, a comfy mattress can help you stay cool and cozy throughout the night. Let’s discover the best sleeping options and how to choose a comfy mattress that is luxuriously relaxing, offers zero-partner disturbance, fuss-free sleep and is best for you. 

Cool Down with India’s First Cooling Mattress

Cooling Mattress

If you are a hot sleeper, getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult, and you probably know the uncomfortable feeling of waking up with sweat in the middle of the night. Thankfully, here’s Ultima Mattress to the rescue! India’s First Mattress with CoolTEC™️ Technology to keep your body 4° cooler. The Ultima is one of the best options if you’re looking for a comfy mattress online. You will wake up well-rested and recharged for the day, using DeepTouch® Pressure Technology that uses science of SupportWaves for ultimate pressure relief and contouring your body with 7-zone differentiated support from head to toe.

Most Premium Orthopaedic Mattress Online

Orthopaedic Mattress

Back Pain is such a pain! Unlike the regular mattress that sinks your body causing back and neck pain, Hybrid Latex Mattress is nothing short of a miracle worker when it comes to providing the best kind of support there is! Divided into three layers and 5 support zones it cushions every single pressure point of your body for optimum pressure release with an in-sync combination of latex, memory foam, and high-density foam contouring your body without sinking so you don’t wake up riddled with aches and pains. Also it’s perfectly firm, making it excellent for sleepers who need orthopaedic support and it comes with SoftTouch Bamboo fabric cover which is anti-microbial and easy to maintain, just unzip it and toss it in the machine. If you think you don’t need an orthopaedic mattress at your age? Think again. Pressure on your joints and stiffness can occur at any age, making sleep an uncomfortable experience every night. You can prevent this scenario easily if you switch over to our Hybrid Latex mattress.

Fuss-free with perfect balance of comfort & support 

Comfortable Mattress

Are you looking for a simple, comfortable, and supportive mattress that gets the job done and doesn’t cost a fortune? Well, our Original Mattress is just what you were searching for! Designed exclusively for all sleepers with supportive Open cell memory foam, adapting to your preferred sleep position, thanks to its contouring nature and keeping it breathable with a cushiony feel. It also absorbs your partner’s movement and does not let it transfer to your side of the bed, so you can sleep undisturbed and fuss-free throughout the night. Additionally, it is engineered to maintain posture alignment and relieve spinal pressure, no matter how you sleep you will wake up well rested. Also, it comes with an anti-microbial SoftTouch Bamboo Fabric cover with honeycomb pattern offering a dreamy plush feel. You name it, The Original mattress has got it all!

Undisturbed support with a slight bounce 

Original Spring Mattress

If you’re looking for a high-quality spring mattress, then Our New Original Spring Mattress is the purr-fect fit for you! Made with carbon steel spring wire and individually encased with non-woven pockets which is designed to add superior strength and for long lasting durability. With innate responsiveness of the springs, it provides spinal alignment, which is good for seniors. Also, it’s easy to get out of bed as it gives you more bounce. This comfy mattress offers a soft feel to the skin as it comes in an anti-bacterial, odorless and friction-free SoftTouch bamboo fabric cover with honeycomb pattern. The Open-cell Memory Foam layer on the top contours as per your body and provides a cushioned feel for excessive comfort. This mattress is quite similar to Our Original mattress  but it comes with a twist, the bounce! If you want balanced comfort with the perfect support but you also want those good old bouncy springs in your mattress, Original Spring Mattress is the one for you. So which type of these memory foam mattresses suit you and your body? Still confused? Well, don’t worry about how to choose a comfy mattress online and try our mattress recommender and pick the right one for yourself! 

Featured Mattresses

Medium Firm
    
    

Original Mattress

Enjoy blissful sleep with the perfect balance of comfort & support. Not too soft, not too firm – it’s just right!

Starts at ₹ 6,599₹ 9,999
or ₹2200/month (No Cost EMI available for 3 & 6 months)
    
    

Hybrid Latex Mattress

Highly supportive orthopedic mattress that contours to all 5 zones of the body, providing optimal pressure relief. It is the best bet for your back!

Starts at ₹ 7,919₹ 10,999
or ₹2640/month (No Cost EMI available for 3 & 6 months)
    
    

Mattress Topper

Additional Memory Foam based cushioning for proper rest and support. Cancel out the uneasyness from your old mattress with the SleepyCat Memory Foam Mattress Topper and sleep like a pro!

Starts at ₹ 3,554₹ 4,499
or ₹1185/month (No Cost EMI available for 3 & 6 months)
Medium Firm
    
    

Ortho Lite Mattress

Step up from an ordinary mattress with the Ortho Lite Mattress. Experience fuss-free support and premium comfort at a pocket friendly price point.

Starts at ₹ 4,689₹ 6,999
or ₹1564/month (No Cost EMI available for 3 & 6 months)