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10 year warranty
10 Year WarrantyFor all our mattresses only - The Ultima, The Original, The Hybrid Latex, and the Baby Mattress
1 year warranty
1 Year WarrantyApplicable on All Beds, All Bedding, All Pillows
100 nights free trial
100-Nights TrialOn all our mattresses - The Ultima, The Original and The Hybrid Latex
No Cost EmiPay zero interest with our flexible financing options
Free ShippingNow delivering across India. We serivce 30,000 + pin codes

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100-night free trial

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  • Ultima Mattress
    The cooling effect of the fabric is amazing compared to other mattresses. It feels very comfortable & the quality is extraordinary. Worth every penny I've invested in this mattress. I would highly recommend it to others
    Mukul Dave
    Shop Ultima Mattress
  • Original Mattress
    Have been using this mattress for over 3 months now. I can confidently say that this mattress is supremely comfortable and the medium firm feel option we chose is perfect for what we were looking for. The overall quality of the product exceeds expectations. Very happy with this purchase
    Shop Original Mattress
  • Latex Hybrid Mattress
    We were looking for a firm surface to sleep on & this mattress has met all our expectations. It keeps my spine comfortably straight while giving the hips & back solid support, and shoulders well adjusted. This is a very good orthopaedic mattress to invest in
    Shop Latex Hybrid Mattress
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    If you’re looking for the best sleep of your life, you have come to the right place! Your search for the best mattress in India ends at SleepyCat. Buying mattresses online can be a daunting task. There are many options to choose from – Orthopedic mattresses, Hybrid latex mattresses, Memory foam mattresses, and many more! A high-quality mattress is an investment just as significant as good health. The first step in finding the best sleeping mattress is to choose the best mattress company in India.

    Why is SleepyCat the Best Brand to Shop for Mattresses, Pillows & Beds?

    Whatever your preferred sleeping style, we have the ideal mattress for you. Our mattress promises to provide a restful and rejuvenating sleep, tailored to your preferred sleeping position, whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach. At SleepyCat, we have everything you need for a peaceful slumber. From a wide range of bedspillows, and bedding essentials like comfortersweighted blankets, and even baby mattresses and dog beds. We also offer a range of mattress protectors, perfect for those prone to spills and accidents. Trust us to provide you with the ultimate sleep experience.

    We are dedicated to developing cutting-edge sleep solutions for you while making sure you are at ease dealing with us at all times. You can save a lot of money because all of our bedding products are shipped directly to you from our factory! Not only that, but we also guarantee that all orders will be delivered in all metro areas within 72 hours, allowing you to get started on your path to the finest sleep of your life even sooner. Additionally, we provide a free EMI option for  mattresses so that you won’t have to worry about making a lump sum payment. 

    Upgrade your rooms with the best and most comfortable bedding sets

    Our selection of bedding sets offers everything you need to make your bedroom cozier, whether you want a soft pillow to rest your head on or a warm duvet to snuggle under. Do you want to give your place a cosy feel? We also have colourful pillows and throws. Our beddings are here to make your mattresses cosier whether you’re sleeping, cuddling with a loved one, or winding down with a comforting tub of ice cream. Beds are the most intimate area of your home.

    Benefits of buying mattresses, pillows, and beds Online from SleepyCat

    Despite the convenience of online shopping, many people still find it challenging to buy mattress online  at best prices in India. This is likely due to the fact that traditional mattress shopping practices, such as physically trying out mattresses in-store or finding a nearby mattress store, are still deeply ingrained in consumers. As a result, many people prefer to visit multiple shops to compare different types, brands, and price ranges before making a purchase. They select one bed mattress after experimenting with a number of them. However, there is still no assurance that it is the best option because you cannot fully evaluate a bed mattress until you have used it for a while.

    But purchasing a mattress online has many advantages over doing so in a physical store. For example, you may select from various mattress brands and types. You can also take advantage of several discounts, trial policies, return options, and customer reviews.

    At SleepyCat, you can choose from countless options, all in one place. There’s a mattress, pillow or bed for all budgets. The best part is there’s no need to visit any stores and try dozens of mattresses or beds. Instead, you can browse our huge selection of beds, mattresses, and bedsheets online. The icing on the cake? We also offer a 100-night trial period as well as a 10-year warranty period!

    Tips on how to Choose Your Perfect Bedding as Per your Requirements? Take our Quick Quiz!

    Purchasing the best brand’s mattress online in India ensures productivity and good health. Choosing the perfect bed online  and everything else to go along with it can be overwhelming. There are many choices available when it comes to various kinds of mattresses in India. Additionally, finding the correct one can be challenging.  To help you out, SleepyCat brings to you this quick quiz, to help you find the perfect bedding requirement! By answering a few questions and using our mattress recommender, SleepyCat makes it easy to choose the best mattress. Answering these questions will help you find out what kind of sleeper you are and help you make an informed choice.