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Can you sleep your way towards a more youthful you?

From our favourite celebrities to mainstream media, the term “beauty sleep” has often been used as a secret for younger looking skin, luscious long hair, bright eyes and an overall healthier and happier appearance. But is there any truth behind this secret? Does catching some Zzz’s add more to your vanity? While sleep isn’t a beauty product, the benefits of blissful sleep are wide ranging, especially on a gel memory foam mattress. And while beauty sleep may seem like a catchy phrase, it can have a transformative effect on your life.

Here are 5 science backed benefits of beauty sleep.

Younger looking skin

Getting adequate shut eye helps recovery on an epidermal level. Sleep is the ideal time for your skin to recover from the wear and tear throughout the day and grow new skin cells. Forget about those expensive cosmetic products and laser treatments, start by sleeping better and see the benefits overnight!

Easier weight loss

Isn’t this perfect? Losing weight by sleeping is what dreams are made of. The science behind this is that lack of sleep leads to an imbalance in appetite regulating hormones that make you eat more. Before starting any weight loss endeavor with strict diets and expensive gym memberships, ask yourself: Am I getting enough sleep?

Brighter and beautiful eyes

Puffy eyes and dark circles is the antithesis of a refreshed and rejuvenated you. That’s because poor sleep causes an accumulation of fluids like edema around the eye area. As the skin around your eyes is very thin, this accumulation of fluid is very noticeable. An easy solution is to sleep on your back and elevate your head with an extra pillow to wake up bright eyed and beautiful!

Inner beauty

Beauty isn’t limited to what’s on the outside. Catching some quality Z’s has psychological benefits as well. Getting blissful sleep can transform how you perceive yourself, your self esteem and confidence. Beauty sleep makes for a healthier and happier you, and a positive mindset can change the perception of your appearance and physical attractiveness to help you achieve your goals.

Improved interpersonal relations

Your expressions play a big part in your overall appearance. A youthful you is a happy, fun and loving person that enjoys meaningful relationships with others. Sleep deprivation can impact your ability to interact socially. In addition to being grumpy and irritable, when you’re sleep deprived, it sends an unapproachable vibe to others. Getting adequate shut eye can improve your relations with others, for a happier and wholesome life.

Beauty sleep is not just about glowing, youthful skin, it’s about maintaining your body, mind and soul in a way that radiates beauty. Ultimately, loving yourself should take precedence over spending an exorbitant amount of money on cosmetics and other beauty products. Simply prioritize sleep, because a well slept you is a beautiful you!

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